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  • Mentions: Allied Powers

Lee recounts the political and humanitarian situation in the Near East in the aftermath of World War I.

Balch proposes that the United States loan France funds funds on the provision that it give up its occupation of the Rhineland.

Dulles explores the implications of the World War I reparations on the world's economy. The speech was initially delivered at the League of Free Nations Association on March 12, 1931 in New York and then published in the New Republic.

Spencer writes to Addams regarding the recent meetings of the WILPF as well as the possible finances of the organization.

Addams and Hamilton report on their visit to Germany to see conditions after World War I.

The Association's news bulletin discusses revolution in Mexico, war debts in Germany, the organization of a national student forum, and a treaty between Germany and Poland, resolutions for international peace from the convention of the National League of Women Voters, and limiting the manufacturing of opium.

Addams opened the membership campaign for the National Child Labor Committee in Pittsburgh and spoke to the Western Pennsylvania League of Women Workers on the need

Balch alerts the WILPF officers about the situation in Greece, Turkey, and Armenia, and presents proposals for action by Sections.

A draft of a statement to be sent to the Genoa Economic and Finance Conference about how to avoid another world war and start European recovery.

Kellogg offers suggestions on Addams Peace and Bread in Times of War manuscript.

Chicherin reports on efforts to relieve hunger in the Soviet Union.

Misař tells Addams about alarming conditions in Hungary and Austria and asks for support for disarmament in Hungary.

A socialist paper in Hungary see American industry as a threat.

Bryce shares with McDonald his ideas about the American role in peace in Europe.

Merriman sends Addams some recent materials on the League and hopes that the Carnegie Foundation will support work.

Sturge tells Addams of her plans to provide relief for famine victims in Germany, particularly adults, by setting up a home in Holland.

Balch asks WILPF sections to send petitions and letters to the London Conference demanding a modification in the amount of reparation payments to be levied on Germany.

Montgomery asks Addams to join the Armenia American Society to help the cause of Armenian independence.

Schwimmer tells Balch about her work with political refugees and children in Austria.

Bourjakian, Shikrdmian, and Mangrian appeal to Allied women to intervene on behalf of Hajin, Armenia in its fight against the Turks.

Apcar asks Addams and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom to intervene for Armenian women and children.

Augspurg and Heymann suggest the dismissal of volunteer militias, arguing that Germany should instead focus on education to restart its economy and culture.

Excerpt from a news report about anticipated food shortages in Europe.

The paper reports on discussions of milk shortage and child welfare in Germany held at the Paris Peace Conference.

Aharonian sends Balch details the suffering occurring in Armenia and asks her to support their efforts.

Lammasch tells Herron about the impact of Woodrow Wilson's stroke on conditions in Austria.

Kellogg thanks Addams for the article on her visit to Germany and asks her to leave in some passages that she had deleted.
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