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Royden telegrams that British speakers are willing to attend the upcoming meeting if an international platform is part of the meeting.

Detrich asks for contact information for Jane Addams.

Detrich asks Addams to speak for Gifford Pinchot's Senate campaign in October.

James asks for Addams's endorsement of Robert La Follette, a Progressive Party candidate for President of the United States.

Plumptre, on behalf of the National Committee of Women's Patriotic Service, criticizes Addams about her views on peace and informs her about an open letter published in Canada.

Sabath cables Addams that Congress passed a bill to place an immigration station in Chicago.

Morey writes to Addams to ask her to contact President Wilson about intervening in the detention of Alice Paul and Rose Wilson.

De Silver asks Addams whether the American Civil Liberties Union can use her name in an advertisement regarding the trial of International Workers of the World leaders on espionage and sedition.

Ochsner gives Addams the name of two good doctors in case she needs them while in Mexico.

Shaw asks Richard Chomeley-Jones to ask a favor of Addams.

Shaw writes Addams about the papers to be read at the municipal government conference.

Jacobs and Manus tell Addams that the planned International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace meeting has been postponed.

Jacobs informs Addams that she has postponed the meeting of the International Committee of Women for a Permanent Peace in the hopes that Addams can attend.

Jacobs tells Addams that they will postpone the meeting of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace until Addams can travel.

Jacobs informs Addams that the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace have decided to postpone their meeting until Addams can travel.

Jacobs writes to Addams of a meeting location change.

Jacobs, Macmillan, and Manus write to Addams to congratulate her on Ford's gift as well as to request her presence at a meeting in Amsterdam, stating that they may postpone it if necessary.

Jacobs, et. al. invite Addams to a meeting of the International Women's Congress to be held in April at the Hague.

Anthony requests that Addams send him copies of "A Way to Permanent Peace" to be freely distributed.

Clark advises Addams not to support the German women's appeal due to war crimes and atrocities committed by German troops.

Hamilton writes Addams hoping to conceive her to run for president of a committee.

Hamilton telegrams Schwimmer that Addams will be unable to join the Ford Peace Ship expedition due to her health.

Kauser tells Addams that she hopes that the American Legion will help repatriate prisoners of war still in Siberia.