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Addams updates Ely on her progress on Democracy and Social Ethics.

Addams writes Haldeman about a book by William Allen White, probably Stratagems and Spoils: Stories of Love and Politics (1901).

Addams writes Haldeman regarding legal matters, a visit from John Linn, and Christmas gifts.

Addams provides Sax contact information for J. Weintraub in New York and discusses her recent lecture in Iowa.

Addams apologizes for failing to send Blaine her New York lecture.

Anderson seeks Addams' advice on hiring a new person to take over the Neighborhood House in Louisville, KY. She discusses the function of a settlement and the relationship between religion and settlement work.

Addams complains about a bust and advises Haldeman not to order it without seeing it, and notes some stir in the Dakota land.

Addams updates Haldeman about financial and legal dealings about the Lake Forest property.

Addams thanks Moody for his recent poem, "On the Soldier Fallen in the Philippines," published in the Atlantic and discusses her inadequate reaction to the war dead.

Addams briefly asks Kelley not to send any money because John Kelley was her guest.

Moody thanks Addams for her letter and remarks how much her praise of his poem, "On the Soldier Fallen in the Philippines," means to him.

Addams writes to Haldeman about the disposition of debts and taxes on Mary Linn's estate, interactions with John Linn, and her financial situation.

Harrison writes to Addams, hoping to arrange a visit to Hull-House during his upcoming stay in Chicago.

Addams sends Blatchford a check for a fee and requests information about taxes owed on properties in Mary Linn's estate.

Addams apologizes for writing the wrong amount on the check she sent and acknowledges Blatchford's check.

Harrison thanks Addams for her hospitality during his visit to Hull-House and remarks upon his behavior and the character of the settlement.

Addams discusses the upcoming visit of Peytr Kropotkin and asks if Ely can arrange any lectures for him in Madison, Wisconsin.

Addams informs Blaine that she and Elizabeth Hughes will visit on Friday.

Addams asks if Adams can arrange lectures in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for Peytr Kropotkin in April, noting that she seems to have become his western manager.

Riis writes Addams about a celebration where neighbors and friends gathered and offers news about the Kings Daughters Settlement.

Kropotkin thanks Addams for her work in arranging lectures for him and discusses plans for his visit in April.

Addams writes Linn concerning financial matters and paying Linn's tuition expenses.

Addams reminds Blaine about a reception for neighborhood teachers at which Elizabeth Hughes will speak.

Addams sends Blaine early products of the labor museum, which Blaine helped inspire and support.

Addams thanks Blaine for her donation, which will secure future manual classes and the Labor Museum.

Goldman writes regarding Peytr Kropotkin's upcoming visit and asks Addams to provide admission to the meetings arranged for Chicago for her friend Hippolyte Havel, who would not be able to afford entry.

Addams invites Jones and his wife to come to Hull-House to meet Peytr Kropotkin and to hear him lecture.

Addams sends a check for taxes and thanks Blatchford for attending to the matter.

Addams tells Ely that Peytr Kropotkin will stay with Ely in Madison, Wisconsin, and remarks on Kropotkin's health.

Addams invites Haldeman to join her in Chicago or Rockford, Illinois, in the summer, noting that there will be construction ongoing at Hull-House and she will not be able to go away. She also remarks on her health and that of John Weber Addams.
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