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Addams discusses child labor, the topic of an upcoming lecture at the Summer School.

The Committee asks for funds to provide relief for children in Russia.

A description of the policy for getting photographs of World War I soldiers' graves.

Addams praises Hunt who recently became head of Community House in Rutland, VT.

Addams notes that women in Europe have been seeking government positions since World War I.

Addams discusses her plans to distribute food to German children.

Addams tells a joke about the secret to happy marriages.

A short excerpt on Addams's belief that women will remain a factor in industry after the war.

Addams offers a tribute to Theodore Roosevelt on news of his death.

Addams responds to Archibald Stevenson's inclusion of her on a list of pacifist and maintains that she is loyal to her country.

Addams offers praise of Charles Howard Mills for his Chautauqua lecture brochure.

A petition from the women of Holland asking women around the world to work to free prisoners of war in France and Russia.

The Committee announces it formation and seeks to gather opinions about the resumption of international relations.

The Comité protests the exclusion of Germany from the League of Nations and protests the Versailles Treaty as unfair and seeks to replace it with one designed to keep the peace.

De Beaufort argues against propositions to negotiate territorial concessions without the input of the people who live there.

Rolland calls upon the people of all nations to unite now that World War I has ended and throw off nationalism in favor of working for humanity.

The Union encourages its member to unite and work together for peace.

An announcement for the International Conference for League of Nations, listing goals and organizational supporters.

Addams praises Roosevelt's work for immigrants, child labor, and corporate corruption during his political career.

Hull summarized and outlined works by David Starr Jordan, French Ensor Chadwick, Henri Lambert, and John Atkinson Hobson, for discussion and adoption by the Central Organization for a Durable Peace.

A pamphlet urges citizens to create an active and militant peace movement to combat a menace to spiritual salvation.

Dales asks Addams whether the Washington branch of the Woman's Peace Party should hold a meeting in support of the German women's appeal.

Addams weighs in on the idea that women who work in household service are more likely to marry more frequently and in better circumstance. This is part of a longer article.

Addams attends the Middle States and Mississippi Valley Negro Exposition and comments that in future the work of women will equal that of men.

Addams responds to Dr. E. Benjamin Andrews provocative statement that unmarried individuals "have no place in society nor in the scheme of the universe." This is part of a longer article that quotes many people.

Addams dismisses comic valentines as coarse at a meeting of the Ravenswood Woman's Club.

Addams' gives a brief quote on New Years resolutions.

A suggested amendment to Draft Law proposes that last or only children be exempted from military service and that men pursuing post-graduate study be exempted to preserve teaching and investigation.

Addams discusses the fear that if the Housemaid's union strikes, men will take their place permanently.

Addams argues against Bicknell's claims that one of the top reasons that men desert their wives is due to poor cooking skills.
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