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Addams lays out figures from payment from Storm Lake property between John, Weber, Esther and Stanley Linn.
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Addams provides an overview of the activities of the Hull-House Labor Museum, complete with illustrations of weaving. The sixteen-page report discusses the weaving and cloth-making techniques of various immigrants who live in the Hull-House neighborhood.

A 28-page illustrated pamphlet outlining the work and social conditions of newsboys and newsgirls, based on a two-day intensive investigation. In it the Committee proposes revisions in child labor laws to curb the worst excesses.

Information about the work of the Chicago Boys' Club, including board of directors names.

Royalty statement made out to Hull-House and Jane Addams for $413.15 and $287.10.

Royalty figures for Democracy and Social Ethics, 1903-1940 sales.

A royalty statement for sales of Democracy and Social Ethics.

Credit statement from The Macmillan Company to Addams for her book.

Minutes of a meeting that discussed discharging inactive committees and members, finding suitable offices for the association, setting dates of future meetings, relationships with the new Mayoral administration, provisions of the new tenement ordinance, relationship between the association and the Chicago Municipal Museum, and the appointment of a committee, including Addams, to examine public school sanitary conditions.

Pamphlet that contains the names of authors who have written and are still writing articles for publication in Youth's Companion.

The Macmillan Company issues a credit statement to Addams for her book.

The text of a bill authorizing the Secretary of Commerce and Labor to investigate and report upon the industrial, social, moral, educational, and physical conditions of women and child workers in the United States.

The Macmillan Company issues a credit statement to Addams for her book.

The Macmillan Company details how many copies of Democracy and Social Ethics sold in various cities and countries.

Armstrong writes to Addams about the differences between gender segregated and non-segregated classes and how women and men teach these classes differently.

Statement of charges on corrections and plate costs for Newer Ideals of Peace.

Annual report of Hull-House, covering the activities, operations, and administration.

Macmillan summarizes royalties earned by Addams' books between April 1907 and April 1908.

Table of contents and page with the membership of the Committees on immigrants, press and publicity, and state corresponding secretaries.

Osgood reports receiving funds from Addams for travel expenses.
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Addams reports on Hull-House's facilities and social services on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary, providing a sense of the costs of maintaining buildings and programs, and ending with an appeal for financial support.

Addams' notes of a phone conversation with George P. Brett of Macmillan Company.

Speranza's assignments of Committee on Crime and Immigration members into subcommittees.

Addams compares costs and logistics of hosting the Chicago Child Welfare Exhibit at the Armory or the Coliseum.

Macmillan Company statement of royalties for Addams' first four books.
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A pamphlet of "press notices" on Wilhelm Müller's Religious Life in America (1911).

Parker reports on an interview with Morrison regarding Addams' opposition to a child actor exception to the 1903 Illinois Child Labor Law.
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A narrative describing the social and economic background of four men convicted of murdering Frank Guelzow.

The Woman Suffrage Party demands that the New York Police protect social workers in Chinatown.
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