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Addams reminds Blaine about a reception for neighborhood teachers at which Elizabeth Hughes will speak.

Addams sends Blaine early products of the labor museum, which Blaine helped inspire and support.

Addams thanks Blaine for her donation, which will secure future manual classes and the Labor Museum.

Goldman writes regarding Peytr Kropotkin's upcoming visit and asks Addams to provide admission to the meetings arranged for Chicago for her friend Hippolyte Havel, who would not be able to afford entry.

Addams invites Jones and his wife to come to Hull-House to meet Peytr Kropotkin and to hear him lecture.

Addams sends a check for taxes and thanks Blatchford for attending to the matter.

Ely suggests that Peytr Kropotkin stay at his home while he is in Madison, Wisconsin, and updates Addams on Anna Ely's medical condition.

Addams tells Ely that Peytr Kropotkin will stay with Ely in Madison, Wisconsin, and remarks on Kropotkin's health.

Addams invites Haldeman to join her in Chicago or Rockford, Illinois, in the summer, noting that there will be construction ongoing at Hull-House and she will not be able to go away. She also remarks on her health and that of John Weber Addams.

While en route to New Orleans, Addams writes Haldeman about her health and medical care.

Addams writes Smith about her lecture in Madison, Wisconsin, a trip to Springfield, Illinois, where she met the governor, a property purchase, and her trip to New Orleans.

Addams reports on events in New Orleans at the Methodist Missionary Conference, including attending a talk by Booker T. Washington. She also writes about changes in her travel plans and how she wishes that Smith was with her.

Hartt writes to solicit articles from Addams for the Boston Transcript.

Addams writes Smith about her travels.

Linn writes Addams a detailed accounting of his trip to Italy.

Addams writes Smith about her trip to New Orleans, visiting settlements, and the Sophie Newcomb College, and attending the Methodist Mission Conference.

Addams writes Ainsworth that she came back directly from New Orleans to push the building schemes at Hull-House.

Addams asks Sutliff for the use of the college buildings for the Rockford College Summer School and explains that her fundraising work for Hull-House makes it impossible for her to undertake other things.

Addams writes Wald about staffing at Hull-House and a Miss Green.

Addams provides Bentley with an update on the work of the Investigating Committee of the City Homes Association.

Addams discusses expansions to Hull-House and donations, and then reports on a visit to Smith's family.

Addams writes Wald about hiring a Miss Green for the Coffee House if Ida Cronk leaves.

Addams reports to Ely about her lack of progress on her book, Democracy and Social Ethics, because of activities at Hull-House.

Addams writes Ely about the recent visit of Peytr Kropotkin and her upcoming lectures.

Addams writes Haldeman, discussing summer plans and noting that she will be at summer school more than usual.

Bloomfield writes Addams for advice on forming a settlement house in Boston.

Writing to Blaine, Addams recommends Clara Landsberg for a position at the Francis W. Parker School.

Addams writes Smith about an alumna meeting and briefly discusses classmates.

Linn writes to Addams about his book publishing, the town of Grenoble, and family.

Hollis writes to Addams, discussing prospects for Dorothy Reynolds and noting that Alice Keyes is concerned for Reynolds.
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