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Addams addresses the Second Congressional District of Illinois asks Chicago woman's clubs to establish a scholarship for children of widows.

Jacobs writes to Addams of a meeting location change.

Jacobs reports of the finances of the International Committee and news from Australia on delegates.

Van Pelt writes to Addams to request that she be given an opportunity to contribute to Ford's Peace Conference.

Douglas requests materials on the Woman's Peace Party for distribution at Maine events.

Ayres urges Addams to reconsider her stance on the inclusion of the suffrage plank in the Woman's Peace Party platform.

Shaw thanks Addams for being selected as a member of the Cooperating Council of the Woman's Peace Party.

Pennybacker sent a telegram discussing wanting to consult with the executive committee of the Woman's Peace Party.

Ford encloses a number of clippings related to a Peace Song Service held two days prior.

Addams made remarks during a visit to a Des Moines settlement about the role that women's clubs play in social work.

Karsten sends Warren a series of materials about the peace movement and hopes that her woman's club will join its efforts.

Karsten notifies Addams of Nicholes' passing and of a future meeting held by the Woman's City Club.

Karsten sends Bonner material regarding the Woman's Peace Party.

Karsten informs Gulliver that Addams is absent, and advises Gulliver to write to Nolan if she wishes to get in touch with the President of the Woman's Organization for Defense.

Jencks asks Addams for recommendations in the hiring of an executive secretary for the Women's Civic League in Baltimore.

Hobhouse writes to Addams on her position with the British Committee for the International Women's Congress and personal matters of health and travel.

Denison sends Addams a letter from a woman who has criticized Addams. She will answer the letter for Addams, but believes it will be better coming from Addams.

The Texas Federation of Women's Clubs seeks Addams' advice in the development of a state-wide survey it is planning.

Freeman writes to Addams hoping to learn more about Addams' views on women's' roles within the peace movement to pass on to her club.

Bacon praises Addams' book The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets and writes about the progressive activities in which the women of her town are engaged.

Bramhall discusses the activities of the local women's clubs with suffrage and peace in St. Paul.

Listing of Women Trade Union League of Chicago delegates attending the conference and number of days and meals required.

Armstrong discusses the updates with women's clubs in Pennsylvania and thanks Addams for speaking at a recent luncheon.

Enck requests information from Addams on the Hague Conference.

Davis is invited to join the Co-Operating Council, as a representative of the Y.W.C.A.

Thomas mails Addams several reports and lists the parts of the Annul Report that are being compiled. Thomas also asks Addams not to dismiss her, after she made a serious error.
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Addams speaks to the Biennial Convention of the General Federation of Women's Clubs on how clubs can help immigrant women adjust to life in America.

Addams declines Blake's invitation to speak at the Ladies' Literary League, noting that she prefers during a suffrage campaign to speak to audiences that include men, who will be in position to vote for woman's suffrage.

Addams asks Jacobs for an update on the situation in England and explains that she is sending some news clippings of interest.
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