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Shaw thanks Addams for being selected as a member of the Cooperating Council of the Woman's Peace Party.

Pennybacker sent a telegram discussing wanting to consult with the executive committee of the Woman's Peace Party.

Taylor explains the relationship among the British women's organizations and the reasons that she did not attend the conference at The Hague.

Nutter asks Addams to send International Congress of Women's Peace Resolution so that she can share it with the Peace Department of the New Mexico Federation of Women's Clubs.

Douglas requests materials on the Woman's Peace Party for distribution at Maine events.

Freeman writes to Addams hoping to learn more about Addams' views on women's' roles within the peace movement to pass on to her club.

Hobhouse writes to Addams on her position with the British Committee for the International Women's Congress and personal matters of health and travel.

Riggs writes to see whether Addams would be willing to give a lecture on Women and Peace for the Cedar Falls Woman's Club.

Hyers writes for Addams to Freeman in order to communicate that literature on the peace movement has been sent to her.

Addams asks Jacobs for an update on the situation in England and explains that she is sending some news clippings of interest.

Jacobs reports of the finances of the International Committee and news from Australia on delegates.

Hyers states that literature on the Woman's Peace Party will be sent to Frizzell.

Hyers relates to Doerschuk that literature will be sent her way regarding her concern about the Woman's Peace Party.

Enck requests information from Addams on the Hague Conference.

Jacobs writes to Addams of a meeting location change.

Addams informs Schwimmer of members of the committee, and that she is looking forward to seeing her.

Hyers invites Holbrook to a meeting of the Woman's Peace Party for Addams after her name was left off the original list.

Hyers congratulates Pettit on the Oregon Federation of Women's Clubs' adoption of a Peace Resolution.

Hayes informs Addams of the content to be included in a Peace Day program in Conway and requests suggestions.

Addams informs Eastman of upcoming committee meetings.

Hastings writes to Addams to express her feelings about the peace movement and Addams' work, citing her own experiences with the horrors of war as examples.

Van Pelt writes to Addams to request that she be given an opportunity to contribute to Ford's Peace Conference.

Hyers thanks French for wiring the President. She also asks French to write back if she knows whether or not the Maine Federation of Women's Clubs has ever supported the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams is sorry that Dashiell is stepping down as State Chairman for Virginia, but hopes that she has a suggestion for a replacement.

Thomas mails Addams several reports and lists the parts of the Annul Report that are being compiled. Thomas also asks Addams not to dismiss her, after she made a serious error.

Davis is invited to join the Co-Operating Council, as a representative of the Y.W.C.A.

Denison sends Addams a letter from a woman who has criticized Addams. She will answer the letter for Addams, but believes it will be better coming from Addams.

Karsten informs Gulliver that Addams is absent, and advises Gulliver to write to Nolan if she wishes to get in touch with the President of the Woman's Organization for Defense.

Edblom asks Addams if there is anything else the Minot Art Club can do as a peace group aside from paying the $5.00 registration fee.

Karsten sends Warren a series of materials about the peace movement and hopes that her woman's club will join its efforts.
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