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Gale reacts to an article in The Survey about peace. Gale also will not be able to see Addams in October.

The poster contains various bulletins and petitions with an anti-war ethos.

Thompson sends Addams an anti-war poem for publication.

Bryan promises Addams that he will help the cause of peace in way he can.

Bryan expresses to Addams the need for a referendum to involve the general public in the choice of declaring war in hopes that the Government will recognize peaceful alternatives.

Addams calls for the public to join the peace movement, demonstrate public sentiment for peace, and attend a conference.

Jenkin Lloyd Jones sermonizes against the war, asking people if they would choose Caesar over Christ.

Culbertson's poem argues that the result of the war will be the passing of monarchy in favor of rule by the people.
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Addams' first of two lectures on the topic of "Newer Ideals of Peace," this one about recent wars and their effects on Russia.

Royden speaks at length about the war raging in Europe, including the causes of the war and ideas about how to bring peace to warring nations.
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Addams, Lucy Mead, Crystal Eastman, and Sophonisba Breckinridge testify before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, on preparedness and the United States' role in World War I.
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Addams, Lucia Mead, Crystal Eastman, and Sophonisba Breckinridge testify before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, arguing against preparedness and suggesting ways to end the war.

Kennerly sends Addams a poem promoting peace aimed at the soldiers who are asked to fight.

Cocroft writes Addams to express her desire to aid in the suffrage movement.

Armstrong suggests radical ideas for how Europe, and the world, can achieve peace.

A peace statement, edited for space by John Gavit.

Sturge expresses her views on war to Addams and informs her of the work she is doing for the peace movement in England.

Addams' secretary receives Maxwell's letter for Addams and responds.

Banschbach has taken issue with Addams going to The Hague, so Addams' secretary sends him a pamphlet about the Woman's Peace Party.

Schwimmer wishes to discuss multiple aspects of the Woman's Peace Party with Addams, including possible lecturers and platform issues.

Schwimmer writes Addams eager to help in any way she can and encloses a Peace Party leaflet for the European presidents.

Lansing writes to Kent thanking him for information about the International Congress of Women and to express his opinion on peace, war, and Jane Addams.

Baker writes to Kiefer about the dangers of militarism.

The committee has established their methodology of achieving international peace at the end of World War I.

Packard argues that a Federated Government of neutral nations should be created to ensure international peace.

Logan outlines a plan for international peace, including a tax plan and a Board of Mediators.

Buckbee drafted a petition for American children to sign in which they vow to avoid war-like games.

A pamphlet containing quotes on war and peace from a wide variety of people.
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