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Gavit discusses news coverage of the peace meeting held at Henry Street and encourages her to continue speaking out against the war in the hopes that something will strike a spark with the public.

Barrett asks Addams to detail the proposal that she would like to make on peace before Barrett sends it to the International Council of the National Council of Women.

Glasier describes her time at home while the war wages on and she hopes for peace.

Glasier tells Evans of her trip in South Wales, and her thoughts on achieving peace in Belgium.

Wald invites Balch to a round-table discussion on peace.

French informs Addams that her telegram has been received, and that she has passed it along to President Wilson. She also discusses the importance of cooperation in the interest of peace.

Armstrong expresses his beliefs about the peace movement and the causes of the current war.

Hyers sends Emerson literature on military training in public schools, and against preparedness for a school debate.

In writing for Addams, Hyers relates to Holdsworth possible debate points to bring up when discussing the reasons to preserve peace.

Hyers sends Van Vactor literature on military training in school and against preparedness.

Stone informs Addams that she unfortunately will not be able to contact the president directly, and although she believes a convention of the Neutral Powers would be futile, she would be happy to assist the Woman's Peace Party.

An poem that argues against war and its costs and rallies mothers to rise up and stop it.

Pope tells Addams about the Western states' struggle to organize successful peace activities and requests her help and expertise.

Pope asks Addams if there's anything women who desire peace can do for the peace movement.

Pringsheim sends support for Addams' peace work from Germany by opposing the sending of ammunition from the States to Europe.

Addams delivered the commencement speech at Rockford College, arguing that a lack of growth was a danger to moral life of individual and nation.

Buckabee note that her peace petition could be signed by twenty million American children to call for peace on Memorial Day.

A pamphlet containing quotes on war and peace from a wide variety of people.

Buckbee drafted a petition for American children to sign in which they vow to avoid war-like games.

Logan outlines a plan for international peace, including a tax plan and a Board of Mediators.

Packard argues that a Federated Government of neutral nations should be created to ensure international peace.

The committee has established their methodology of achieving international peace at the end of World War I.

Baker writes to Kiefer about the dangers of militarism.

Lansing writes to Kent thanking him for information about the International Congress of Women and to express his opinion on peace, war, and Jane Addams.

Schwimmer writes Addams eager to help in any way she can and encloses a Peace Party leaflet for the European presidents.

Schwimmer wishes to discuss multiple aspects of the Woman's Peace Party with Addams, including possible lecturers and platform issues.

Banschbach has taken issue with Addams going to The Hague, so Addams' secretary sends him a pamphlet about the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams' secretary receives Maxwell's letter for Addams and responds.

Sturge expresses her views on war to Addams and informs her of the work she is doing for the peace movement in England.
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