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Addams' first of two lectures on the topic of "Newer Ideals of Peace," this one about recent wars and their effects on Russia.

Newspaper excerpt of Addams' speech at the Ethical Culture Society, criticizing the buildup of armaments.

Addams delivered the commencement speech at Rockford College, arguing that a lack of growth was a danger to moral life of individual and nation.

The committee has established their methodology of achieving international peace at the end of World War I.

Logan outlines a plan for international peace, including a tax plan and a Board of Mediators.

Wallace provides an overview of his plan for compulsory world peace.

Addams asks Bryan whether Prof. Masaryk was executed as a result of refusing military service.

Wald invites Balch to a round-table discussion on peace.

A peace statement, edited for space by John Gavit.

Logan discusses the economic effects of war, and suggests that international trade could be levered in the cause of peace.

Quick takes issue with the inclusion of a single tax in C. L. Logan's peace plan.

Walton asks Addams to start an organization to fight American military preparedness.

Baker writes to Kiefer about the dangers of militarism.

Armstrong suggests radical ideas for how Europe, and the world, can achieve peace.

Glasier tells Evans of her trip in South Wales, and her thoughts on achieving peace in Belgium.

Armstrong expresses his beliefs about the peace movement and the causes of the current war.

Gavit discusses news coverage of the peace meeting held at Henry Street and encourages her to continue speaking out against the war in the hopes that something will strike a spark with the public.

A pamphlet containing quotes on war and peace from a wide variety of people.

Royden speaks at length about the war raging in Europe, including the causes of the war and ideas about how to bring peace to warring nations.

Pringsheim sends support for Addams' peace work from Germany by opposing the sending of ammunition from the States to Europe.

Addams asks Mead to arrive early to the Washington, D.C. peace meeting to help with a situation regarding Lawrence.

Catt apologizes to Addams because she did not know that there was another conference planned in Washington, D.C and it has caused confusion.
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Addams gave this speech at the Woman's Constructive Peace Conference in Washington, D.C., on the reasons why women need to become more active in politics and the peace movement.

White informs Addams about the meetings that have been arranged. Schwimmer has been an issue because the American peace movement has been labeled as "militant".

Catt explains the international issues that she has encountered in trying to organize an international peace meeting.

Bailey thanks Addams for her work for suffrage and peace.

Cocroft writes Addams to express her desire to aid in the suffrage movement.

Schwimmer writes Addams eager to help in any way she can and encloses a Peace Party leaflet for the European presidents.

La Follete writes Kent regarding the Woman's Peace Party platform in regards to neutrality.

Zevin writes Addams soliciting a brief statement regarding the disenfranchisement Jewish people are facing in Europe and the United States during World War I.
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