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Marcet explains the draft appeals made by her husband, Manuel, and the injustice she feels in the draft system.

Newspaper coverage of Addams' speech at Columbia University on building a constructive peace by influencing public opinion.

Buckabee note that her peace petition could be signed by twenty million American children to call for peace on Memorial Day.

Buckbee drafted a petition for American children to sign in which they vow to avoid war-like games.

The Association describes the plight of Armenian children and seeks donations for relief efforts.

An poem that argues against war and its costs and rallies mothers to rise up and stop it.

Addams tells Thomas that women in America must keep their sons out of World War I.

Addams declares that the Unites States should continue to distribute aid to countries they are at war with.

Thomas suggests ideas on publicizing the fight against allowing military drills in schools.

Karsten, writing for Addams, provides Thomas materials on the Woman's Peace Party's fight against allowing military drills in schools.

Blauvelt and Ogle detail The Kenton County Equal Franchise Association's political and philosophical stance on peace.

Addams and Hamilton detail in full their trip to Germany and Austria for the Society of Friends, on the matter of food and relief distribution. Descriptions include lack of food in urban areas, lack of medical care for children, and a shortage of milk. They request more funds for post-war work from the American Friends Relief Committee.

Miller describes Kate Waller Barrett's work in Europe with deported women and children and hopes to arrange a meeting with Addams.

Van Hook writes Addams about her missionary work in Persia and the suffering of the people there.
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