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Bruère asks Addams to make corrections or suggestions on an outline for a book on prohibition.

Cooper asks Addams's help on a survey about views on Prohibition.

Thomas outlines a possible book on race and immigration, focusing on how immigrants assimilate and how their customs shape their lives.

Thomas tells Addams about his planned book on race and immigration.

Thomas weighs in on Addams' plans to publish research done by social settlements and suggests that he do a book on the race question.

Thomas tells Addams his ideas about writing a book on race and immigration.

Woods asks Addams to join a subcommittee of National Federation of Settlements that looks into a study by the National Information Bureau.

Woods asks Addams her opinion of a plan to study the usefulness of settlements.

Woods gives Addams his ideas about raising funds for settlement work in the United States and abroad.

Thomas tells Addams his ideas about social research into racial questions.

Ewing asks Addams to destroy a previous version of a letter and send a new one.

Ewing tells Addams that Helen Culver is willing to donate to William Thomas's research for the National Federation of Settlements if Addams thinks it will have real results.

An itinerary of events for the Oxford and Cambridge Week at the London Settlements.

Vittum writes to Addams regarding a Children's Bureau and National Federation of Settlements study and the responsibilities of each settlement involved in this study.
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Addams provides the foreword for a report on the status of working girls, made by the National Federation of Settlements.