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Addams tells Lasker about her efforts to meet with Gandhi and her investigation of political activity in India.

Dodd discusses his views on Wilson and agrees to dine with Addams at Hull-House.

Bryce gives McDonald his opinion of the Harding administration's cabinet members and the ambassadors to England.

Ickes tells Addams he is supporting James M. Cox for president and would like to meet with her to discuss it.

Advertisement for a meeting of the National Campaign on Reprisals and Irish Peace.

Kurkjian provides a history of the Armenian kingdom of Cilicia as a justification for independence.

Jordan tells Addams that he thinks Hoover will become the next president and has confidence in his skills.

Olivier writes to support Addams's remarks regarding political deportations.

Mosher writes Addams to criticize her remarks regarding political deportations.

Balch tells Addams about the American peace movement, office work at the WILPF, and questions about where the WILPF should become involved.

Lazareff writes to Blackwell while sailing to Europe about bolshevism, communism, socialis and democracy m in Russia.

Hapgood relates a telegram he received from John Dewey and requests Levinson's input.

Mead argues that a new Constitutional amendment is required to prevent secret meetings and sabotage in the upper echelons of society.

Post relates to Addams an idea proposed by Jones, and explains why it was declined.

Cumberson explains to Addams that a resolution she created has been rendered null and void due to developments regarding the war.

Mead discusses possible dates for the Woman's Peace Party Executive Board meeting in New York City.

Haldeman-Julius writes to Addams about life at the farm, including how her daughter is developing, and what she is planning for Addams's birthday present.

The German Republic publishes a pamphlet in order to gain subscribers. The pamphlet is geared towards Germans who wants peace from militarism and war in Germany.

Addams urges Women's Peace Party members to write Wilson requesting the organization of a conference to end the war for the sake of mothers of soldiers.

Balch notes that George Foster Peabody and George Washinton Kirchwey oppose a referendum on entering war.

Vermilye criticizes Addams's request for a referendum and explains that there are some times when war is necessary to protect the nation.

Denison expresses her opposition to Addams's request to demand a referendum from President Wilson because of the current political climate in the U.S. and the need to build defense against Germany.

Karsten sends Hunter a copy of a congressional bill which repeals the draft section of army legislation.

Bryan expresses to Addams the need for a referendum to involve the general public in the choice of declaring war in hopes that the Government will recognize peaceful alternatives.

Kellogg asks Addams to read an article in The Survey which includes a plan for joint action with neutral countries.

Karsten writes on behalf of Addams, informing members of the Woman's Peace Party of the efforts being made to stop militaristic sentiments.

Addams thanks Lochner for his last letter and asks him to take a position with the Emergency Peace Federation.

Thomas asks Addams if a plan of action should be spread among Woman's Peace Party branches and chairmen regarding referendums on the war.

Post thanks Addams for including her name in a telegram to President Wilson and suggests asking him about the United States conducting a "police war", tasked only to protect goods and citizens.
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