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Addams argues for the establishment of a federal bureau for the protection of children, especially regarding the issues of child labor and education. This is a published version of Addams' speech to the National Child Labor Committee meeting in…
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Addams argues for the establishment of a federal bureau for the protection of children, especially regarding the issues of child labor and education. The speech was given before the Fifth National Child Labor Conference, held in Chicago.

Reed praises Addams for her new series of articles in McClure's Magazineand vents his frustration with the business class and their lack of care for the working class.

Landon reminisces with Addams after reading a note about Addams'Twenty Years at Hull House.

Kent writes Lawson about his endorsement of Robert LaFollette for President as a means to build a progressive coalition.

Manousopoulos asks Addams to write about the situation in Greece, which needs American support.

Watson writes Addams about Abraham Lincoln and political philosophy.

Fay sends Addams a story about her father and asks for an recent signed photograph of her.

Bodemann compliments Addams' article in American Magazine, but also corrects an error in the piece.

Addams congratulates Holt on the passage of the Bennett bill and expresses her wish to see him next time he is in Chicago.

Fisher writes about the upcoming conference of State and Territorial Boards of Public Health to discuss pending Senate and House bills affecting public health.

Lovejoy and McKelway are seeking support for a Congressional bill to establish the Federal Children's Bureau.

The memorandum explains why it is necessary for the federal government to establish a Bureau of Health.

Roosevelt writes Fisher about progress made for the involvement of the federal government in public health.

Roosevelt writes Fisher about his opposition to creating a new cabinet position for a department of health, arguing instead for placing it under the guise of an existing cabinet position.

Fisher sends Addams and other members of the Committee of One Hundred two letters from President Theodore Roosevelt, regarding the creation of a department of health.

Hapgood writes Addams, asking her to write an article for Collier'sabout Chicago politics before the municipal election.

Addams praises Wallas for his book Human Nature and Politics.

Bentall asks Addams for help in launching a letter-writing campaign to President Theodore Roosevelt in support of political refugees.

Jones writes Addams about the work of Charles Beals and launching a new peace organization.

Lindsey writes Addams about the victory of an independent candidate in the Colorado election.

Lindsey writes Addams about corruption within the political parties in Denver.

Addams declines to sign a letter McCulloch sent her because it fails to strike the right tone. This letter is likely related to a statement Waugh released on December 6 about Theodore Roosevelt's support for women's suffrage.

Roosevelt informs Allison of the passage of a law to investigate and report on the conditions of working women and children in America.

The text of a bill authorizing the Secretary of Commerce and Labor to investigate and report upon the industrial, social, moral, educational, and physical conditions of women and child workers in the United States.

Addams wants to reschedule Rice's talks at Hull-House because a Socialist candidate for alderman has opened a headquarters nearby and attendance has been poor.

Gompers writes regarding the American education system and its attitude towards children and labor. He requests that Addams send him any information relevant to the issue.

Devine asks Addams to write a letter of recommendation for Florence Kelley as Labor Commissioner of New York.

Addams indicates that she needs copies of Newer Ideals of Peace for distribution to politicians, and thus would like a few sent even if the rest do not come out until January.

Rowe, the secretary for Illinois Governor Richard Yates Jr., writes to acknowledge receiving Addams' letter regarding Florence Kelley, and to arrange a meeting in Springfield.
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