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A program of meetings held at the International Congress of Women in Zurich in 1919.

Balch discusses Royds' plan to hold a WILPF Summer School.

Balch tells Addams about the activities of the WILPF office.

Balch tells Addams about the American peace movement, office work at the WILPF, and questions about where the WILPF should become involved.

Balch offers Hrushveska information about setting up a Ukrainian branch of WILPF.

Balch sends WILPF officers a petition from Lydia Schischmanow regarding Bulgaria.

List of members of the Central Committee for the Restoration of International Relations.

Rusiecka asks Addams and the WILPF to support her efforts on bringing peace and understanding to former enemies during World War I.

De Beaufort argues against propositions to negotiate territorial concessions without the input of the people who live there.

Jordan tells Addams that the Ford peace work is failing and that a new more private effort might be needed.

Hamilton tells Smith about her travels with Addams, makes comments on their companions, and their plans to go to Germany.

Addams updates Smith on her plans for Germany.

News article that announces expansion of the Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation and its move the The Hague.

Balch is dismayed that Daugarrd has cut back her peace work, but hopes she will promote the work of the WILPF in her writing. .

Balch provides Harwood with a sense of the WILPF mission and immediate goals.

Balch replies to Harwood about the way in which the WILPF will organize within countries.

Addams updates Kelley on her passport status and travel plans for the International Congress of Women.

Karsten tells Balch that Addams thinks she should apply for her passport and travel to Europe as soon as possible.

Addams thanks Wald for her hospitality in New York and tells of the settling of the date for the International Congress of Women.

Swanwick asks Addams to meet in Paris to discuss planning a May International Congress of Women.

Addams reports on selecting Berne as the site of the International Congress of Women when the Hague plans fell through.

Addams hopes that Balch will be able to secure a passport and come to the International Congress of Women.

Balch tells Addams about the Interenational Socialist Conference in Lucerne and WILPF plans.

Addams and Hamilton discuss a meeting they had with Baron Franz and his concerns over the terms of the Paris Peace Treaty, and their reservations about religious freedom in the Roumanian treaty.

Karsten sends Addams the text of a cable from Jacobs and Manus pressing for a delay of the International Congress of Women.

Addams tells Balch they must hold a meeting of the Woman's Peace Party Executive Board to figure out where to hold the International Congress of Women.

Addams seeks financial contributions to support the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace's congress to be held after the war.

Rolland calls upon the people of all nations to unite now that World War I has ended and throw off nationalism in favor of working for humanity.

Karsten sends Addams a telegram from the British Section of the International Congress of Women for Permanent Peace that now supports holding the International Congress of Women at the Hague.
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