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Addams expresses her belief that the Women's Peace Party could be the organization Marple is looking for and hopes she will contribute her fortune to the International Congress.

Marple wants to leave part of her fortune to a peace organization that is unfaltering in its ideals and asks Addams if the Woman's Peace Party fits that description.

Taussig emphasizes the need to raise more funds for the Women's peace organization and to increase publicity to keep all world wide branches informed.

Addams sends Wald a donation from Helen Culver toward the International Congress of Women After the War.

Addams thanks Culver for her donation to the International Congress of Women After the War and shares early plans.

Addams sends Wald donations for the International Congress of Women and asks for help arranging the New York meetings of the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams is eager to see Wald and discusses raising funds for the International Congress of Women After the War.

Karsten encloses $500 to be sent to the International Office, and informs Breckinridge of Addams' travels.

Karsten sends Leach copies of a letter regarding the Congress After the War.

Jacobs and Manus inform Addams that the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace's office is nearly out of funds and that they have not received any of Addams's communications.

Jacobs and Manus ask Addams to send funds to the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace via cable.

Breckinridge sends Addams the Auditor's statement (not found) for the Woman's Peace Party.

Mead requests Addams advice on a new resolution and organization of several peace groups. Mead also shares her opinion about representatives in Congress.

Addams writes explaining the situation in which the Woman's Peace Party cannot afford paying for Cumberson's ticket from California to the Executive Board meeting.

Cumberson gives her thoughts on the Woman's Peace Party changing its name as well as dates for the Executive Board Meeting.

Addams inquires about what dates are convenient for Slayden to come to the Executive Board meeting, and mentions some topics they must discuss.

Thomas sends Addams information on the Woman's Peace Party finances and about French women receiving equal wages during the war.

Karsten updates Addams on recent work by the Woman's Peace Party.

Karsten acknowledges Narcissa Cox Vanderlip's contributions to the Woman's Congress After the War and expresses her pleasure in meeting Bruere.

Bruere informs Daggett of Vanderlip's intention to make a financial pledge and support the Woman's Peace Party in the future.

Addams thanks Lochner for his last letter and asks him to take a position with the Emergency Peace Federation.

Addams writes about funds which have come in and remarks how trivial it all seems in the present situation.

A list of people who have pledged to help fund the Woman's Congress After the War.

Addams asks Culver if she could financially support the Woman's Congress After the War.

Addams agrees with Tarbell that health concerns take precedence over work obligations.

Addams sends Levinson a request for funding the Conference of Women After the War, and the difficulties they have encountered seeking support.

Addams thanks Schiff for his contributions to the Women's Congress After the War.

Addams thanks Warburg for sending a donation for the Women's Congress After the War.
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