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Eastman writes to Addams suggesting they congratulate the women of Australia's vote regarding conscription.

Thomas updates Addams on the activities of the Woman's Peace Party in Washington and Boston.

Karsten sends Richardson literature and advice on the subject of military training in schools.

Fox tells Addams about preparedness parades in Los Angeles and questions whether the organizers are profiting by the war.

The Woman's Peace Party asks the Farmer's National Congress to support peace and oppose militarism.

Stuart asks Addams for support to defend Bouck White, a cartoonist who has been imprisoned for desecrating the American flag.

Karsten sends Fisher two books by David Starr Jordan on military training in schools.

Hyers informs Lane that she is sending literature regarding Preparedness.

Karsten sends Eliot peace literature and provides updates on the Woman's Peace Party's activities.

Contant invites Addams to be become a charter member of the newly formed Association for the Prevention of Military Education.

Hyers informs Everly that she is being sent literature written against Preparedness, and a report of the International Congress of Women for Permanent Peace.

Matthews is participating in an inter-high school debate and requests information on opposition to the enlargement of the United States navy.

Karsten writes to Patten about Addams's appearance at the House Committee of Military Affairs.

Karsten responds to Taylor and makes suggestions to his argument for a statewide debate in North Carolina.

Villard suggests points that Addams might argue in her testimony before the Senate Military Affairs committee, highlighting the political and costs drawbacks of militarization.

Lane asks Addams for literature against preparedness for an upcoming debate.

Lincoln is outraged about how people say they are dedicated to "Brotherhood" but still want to militarize society.

Taylor expresses thanks to Addams for her letter, and asks for any additional advice regarding an upcoming debate on a proposed increase in naval power.

Logan shares his ideas about how public opinion on militarism might be impacted by World War I.

Baker writes to Kiefer about the dangers of militarism.

Emerson asks Addams for literature on compulsory military training in high school for use in an upcoming debate.

A pledge card created by the Anti-Enlistment League to refuse to voluntarily enlist in any military organization.

In writing for Addams, Hyers relates to Holdsworth possible debate points to bring up when discussing the reasons to preserve peace.

The poster contains various bulletins and petitions with an anti-war ethos.
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Addams states her opinion on military preparedness in the Chicago Tribune.

Addams discusses the events of the International Congress of Women, including presentations by Schwimmer, Augsburg, and Pethick-Lawrence.
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Addams, Kellogg, and Wald argue the many reasons why World War One is destroying society, and detail how it is robbing a generation of its people and future. They also argue that the global community has the power to stop this war and prevent other wars.

Addams is one of the signers of a leaflet, arguing against the enlargement of the U.S. Navy. Shortened versions of this leaflet were also published in newspapers.

Newspaper report of a leaflet Addams and others produced in opposition to the enlargement of the U.S. Navy.
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In a humorous effort to render the male arguments against woman suffrage absurd, Addams describes a hypothetical world in which women hold power and men are asking for the vote. This is the sixth article of a monthly, year-long series on economic and social reform in America and women's roles affecting change.
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