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Addams shares a memory of Caroline Severance, who recently passed away.
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Addams' memorial to Henry Demarest Lloyd discusses his life and character.

Addams introduces a memorial to the ways that George Twose added to Hull-House.

Kellogg thanks Addams for her Theodore Roosevelt memorial.

A blank card for donors to help support the creation of a Bryan Memorial University in Dayton, Tennessee.

McCulloch and Lathrop ask Jay to donate to a proposed memorial to Jane Addams at Rockford College.

Addams praises Wilmarth's impact on women's organizations, reform, settlements, and progressive politics in Chicago.

An obituary for Addams' step-brother, George Haldeman.

Ickes notes that Addams has been asked to join a committee for a memorial to Theodore Roosevelt.

Barnett sends Addams some works on her husband for a memorial service and talks of the changes in her new life as a widow.
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Addams' speech about Henry Demarest Lloyd's life, focused on his personal and public accomplishments.

A death notice for Emily Hobhouse that details major events in her life.
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Addams' draft notes for a eulogy for Alzina Parsons Stevens in which she quotes from William Wordsworth's "The Happy Warrior."

Addams and Dunne invite Jones to attend and speak at the funeral of Henry D. Lloyd.
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Addams sends Kennedy her sympathy on the death of Robert Archey Woods.
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Addams tells Coolidge that she was unable to help Helene Löhr, and offers sympathy on the death of Robert Archey Woods.

Addams sends Kane an article about Emily Hobhouse and asks her to continue working on a better one.

Addams tells Hull that she is opposed to the idea of a Jane Addams Peace Fund and discusses a possible trip to New York.

Addams tells Ickes that she will give a memorial speech about Theodore Roosevelt but does not think she should be a member of the committee.

Addams writes Barnett about the memorial service held for her husband.

Addams tells Daniels that she will join the William Jennings Bryant Memorial Association.

Addams sends Kellogg a memorial she wrote for Theodore Roosevelt.

Addams thanks Jones for agreeing to speak at the Henry Demarest Lloyd memorial and informs him of a date change.

Addams tells Graves about plans for the Laura Dainty Pelham Memorial.

Addams will give the Hutchinson memorial address if the dates of the memorial meeting work with her schedule, but she requires advice on what to write.