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Post informs Addams that the newspaper coverage of the Women's Trade Union League's decision to move their meetings from Bowen Hall at Hull-House to the Chicago Federation of Labor Hall was inaccurate and designed to cause hard feelings.

An article about an upcoming conference of employers and employees centered on discussion of the eight-hour workday.

The Inter Ocean summarizes Addams' lecture on rising corruption in trade union leadership.

Addams writes Bok that since her article was published in the Ladies' Home Journal, she has received complaints from labor friends about conditions at the Curtis Publishing Company, which publishes the magazine.

Addams writes about a manuscript by Henry D. Lloyd which she is editing with Anne Withington.

Jones sends Addams funds for the miners on strike and offers his opinion on the issue.

Charles Love criticizes the tendency of employers and employees to have separate lives outside the shop door, and he seeks a new social order in which they would interact at work and outside of work.
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Addam's notes for a tribute to Alzina Parsons Stevens, the president of Hull-House's Woman's Club.