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Andrews tells Addams that she has been reelected as a vice president of the American Association for Labor Legislation ...

Addams gives Kellogg suggestions for an article reviewer.

Prenter updates Balch on WILPF activities in Canada and discusses her rationale on peace and economic justice.

Balch discusses the WILPF's donation for Russian Relief with Addams, and finalizes the speakers coming to the United States.

Mead writes Addams regarding various upcoming WILPF plans as well as her own initiatives.

Ernst tells Addams that she thinks the French occupation of the Rhine should not be stopped and that American women should resist the urge to object.

Meeker asks Addams her opinion on the first issue of the International Labour Review.

An anonymous individual sends Addams a clipping and a warning.

Addams forwards Hudson a letter from Germany (not found) and invites him to visit Hull-House.

Andrews introduces Addams to Olga Halsey, who hopes to visit Hull-House.

A discussion of efforts to block labor activists from traveling in England and making international connections with other labor groups.

Kellogg wants to meet with Addams on his return to the United States and sends her an article on the British labor movement.

Addams discusses the Hull-House Labor Museum and the effect of factories on craftsmanship.

A postcard summarizing the Progressive Party stand on labor reform.

An eight-page pamphlet summarizing Roosevelt's political record on labor.

De Wolf refuses to fund Hull-House's camp program because of his disapproval of Hull-House's support for workers and unions and calls for it to divorce itself from politics, labor issues, and religion.

Hollins proposes a daily international newspaper to counter what she sees as overt militarism and sensationalism in the media.

Hollins asks Addams to send her letter regarding an international labor newspaper to Henry Ford.

Addams et al. ask Washington to join the American Association for Labor Legislation campaign.

Addams seeks Washington's aid in a campaign for labor regulations.

MacDonald explores four aspects of the Union of Democratic Control's policies.

Crane sends Addams pamphlets Lansing wishes her to read.

Addams discusses the relationship between immigrants and social unrest. This speech was given at the National Conference on Social Work in New Orleans.

Campbell tells Addams of her experiences working for a wealthy family in Chicago and thanks Addams for what she does for the working class.

Addams discusses the relationship between immigrants and social unrest. This speech was given at the National Conference of Social Work in New Orleans.

Legien tells Bohm about German workers' support for efforts to end the war.
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In 1894, Addams gave a speech to the Chicago Woman's Club and the Twentieth Century Club about the Pullman strike. The speech was not published until 18 years later, in the November 1912 Survey. In it, she draws comparisons between the key players in the strike, particularly George Pullman, and Shakespeare's dysfunctional royal family.

Addams describes her experiences at the Progressive Party Convention, discussing how items were added to its platform, particularly labor and military planks, and its appeal to labor and women.
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