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Balch sends Hertzka funds for printing and discusses the Genoa Conference and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Executive Committee.

Denison expresses her opposition to Addams's request to demand a referendum from President Wilson because of the current political climate in the U.S. and the need to build defense against Germany.

Poole requests Addams's help in his work with the Foreign Press Bureau. Poole explains the role educators of all nations have in the aftermath of war.

Poole thanks Addams for sending him her notes and describes his plans for creating a pamphlet with the Foreign Press Bureau and the Food Service.

Felix updates Addams on the efforts of the International Social and Industrial Betterment Exposition, an effort to expose Americans to European arts, industry and science.

The Foreign Policy Association describes the work of its research department and promotes membership.
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Addams urges for citizens of neutral nations to work actively for peace.

Shaw tells Willett that the stories of Black French troops in Germany have been greatly exaggerated.

The Institute invites Addams to a luncheon in honor of Harold B. Butler.

Nasmyth sends a reply to Wilson's recent speech explaining the need for disarmament to perpetuate national safety rather than an increase in war preparation. He offers a list of proposals to ensure peace which focus on strengthening international relations.

Wickersham asks Addams to help fund a project to send out pamphlets on American relations with Japan and Sidney Gulick's book on the Far East.

Wickersham tells Addams about the Committee's resolution on the "Gentleman's Agreement" and their hope to foster better relations between the United States and Japan.

Wickersham asks Addams' opinion on keeping the Committee's goals the same.

Stack proposes a peace plan based on isolating warlike countries.

White tells Addams about how she was inspired by Addams' articles. White then discusses how she disagrees with a recent policy adopted by the Woman's Party.

Taylor updated Addams on news, including his son's embassy position in Russia.

Uchimura discusses his disappointment with the United States for its immigration policy regarding Japan.

Mecartney asks Balfour to support the adoption of a Flag of All Nations at the Washington Disarmament Conference.

Mecartney asks Hughes to support the Flag or All Nations for use at international meetings.

Mecartney asks Root to support his Flag of All Nations at the Washington Naval Conference.

Mecartney sends Addams his letter asking the Genoa Conference to adopt his World Flag.

Mecartney asks Harding to adopt the Flag of All Nations at the Washington Disarmament Conference.