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Logan writes Kiefer to defend his universal peace plan against criticism from Herbert Quick.

Gilman describes her idea for a world flag to Addams because she believes that it could serve as a symbol for peace.

Merriman tells Garfield that the League of Free Nations Association will discuss her ideas at its next meeting.

Merriman sends Addams a report of the recent meeting of the League of Free Nations.

Merriman thanks Addams for Belle Garfield's letter and tells her about Gilbert Murray's interest in securing U.S. support for the League of Nations.

A list of people invited to join the Committee on American and Japanese Relations.

The Committee outlines its program to work for a positive political and social relationship between Japan and America.

Woods tells Speer that he considers the Japanese Exclusion Act a disaster for the United States.

McCormick informs Addams of the shawl and card he has sent her on behalf of Crane and looks forward to telling her about his recent trip.

Addams provides reasons for disarmament as a means to better the economy, reduce unemployment and taxes, and improve international relations. She gave the speech at the Eccleston Guildhouse in London on September 18, 1921.

Park sends Pershing a plan to create an international bank of armaments that subscribing countries could draw upon in times of war.

Karsten discusses relations with an international organization and an upcoming meeting in Chicago.

Karsten tells Dutton that Addams has accepted his invitation to join the National Advisory Board of the World's Court League.

Wærn-Bugge writes to Balch regarding international recognition of Soviet Russia.

Vermilye criticizes Addams's request for a referendum and explains that there are some times when war is necessary to protect the nation.

Shapleigh asks Addams for help promoting her lectures about China.

Liddon asks Addams for information for a debate concerning the United States' response to Germany's violation of Belgian neutrality.

Balch alerts the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom officers about the situation in Greece, Turkey, and Armenia, and presents proposals for action by Sections.

Balch tells Addams about the American peace movement, office work at the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, and questions about where the organization should become involved.

Balch updates Addams about international politics and Women's International League for Peace and Freedom plans for conference and summer schools.

Balch asks Addams's opinion about asking President Warren G. Harding to offer mediation for the Turkish situation.

Balch invites Bryan, and various others, to join the Neutral Conference as a correspondent.

Balch asks Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Secretaries to support efforts to amend the covenant of the League of Nations.