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Addams discusses the importance of including women in labor conferences and organizing and congratulates them on their efforts.

An announcement for the International Conference for League of Nations, listing goals and organizational supporters.

Beek en Donk invites Addams to attend the International Conference for the League of Nations.

A discussion of efforts to block labor activists from traveling in England and making international connections with other labor groups.

Addams exhorts Morris to have the Chicago Peace Society drum up support for the League of Nations.

Hull summarized and outlined works by David Starr Jordan, French Ensor Chadwick, Henri Lambert, and John Atkinson Hobson, for discussion and adoption by the Central Organization for a Durable Peace.

Mead shares her opinion on the League of Nations and organization of the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams tells Balch that she is writing an account of a conference in Chicago and welcomes Balch's suggestions to an international program.

De Jong van Beek de Jonk sends Addams two observations regarding a draft of a general treaty.

Addams refuses Lochner's request to set up an interview for him with President Wilson.

Addams explains what the National Office of the Woman's Peace Party has been doing as the United States is on the brink of war.

Addams hopes that Wilson will take action to form a league of neutral nations.

Chandler asks Addams for a visit and advice about setting up Union for Democratic Control groups in the United States.

Addams endorses Wilson's plan for a league of nations as a step towards permanent peace.

Addams advises Balch about how best she can work towards peace.

Schwimmer tells Addams about her frustration dealing with Clara Ford and Alfred Kliefoth and argues for holding a International Congress of Women for Permanent Peace in 1916.

Addams discusses publishing an article in the Atlantic and details on the decision to hold an international peace conference.

McCumber drafts a Senate resolution empowering President Wilson to call an international conference to create a world government and international laws.

Thomas responds for Addams to Valentine, Poredano, and Valentine encouraging them to form a peace party in Costa Rica.

Addams updates MacMillan on her own health, and asks if she would be able to notify her if the International Committee meeting could be postponed until May on account of her illness.

MacDonald explores four aspects of the Union of Democratic Control's policies.

Addams invites Kelley to join the American delegation to the meeting of the International Committee for Permanent Peace.

Jacobs reports of the finances of the International Committee and news from Australia on delegates.

Marot discusses the creation of the American Internationalist, a new publication she hopes to start.

Packard argues that a Federated Government of neutral nations should be created to ensure international peace.

Macmillan updates Addams on the work of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Addams writes to Sheehy Skeffington about representation, particularly for women and Ireland, within the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Addams reports on a meeting of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace, discusses some issues raised by the British Committee and reports on meeting President Wilson.
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Addams discusses changes in the government's view about the common good that have translated into effort to bring food security to larger populations. She features the efforts women have made to conserve food. The speech was given at the General Federation of Women's Clubs Conference.
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Addams discusses changes in the government's view about the common good that have translated into effort to bring food security to larger populations.
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