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Thomas asks Addams to support agricultural legislation to prevent widespread hunger.
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Addams discusses the role of American women as economic factors in the post-World War I global economy.

Harney reports on the establishment of a dehydrating plant in Massachusetts.

Bestor provides information about an invitation in which Addams is to give the chief address.

Bestor thanks Addams and explains how she will receive more information about the conferences at Little Rock and Denver.

Bestor details his plans to have Addams speak in California on food conservation.

Bestor requests that Addams come to Fresno to attend a meeting regarding food conservation.
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In this speech, Addams tells the alumnae of the University of Michigan at the Chicago College club, how they can help with the food shortage crisis by conserving food and understanding the production of food.

Rickard asks Addams to help the government's food administration work.

Karsten asks for information on a dehydration plant the company hopes to sell.

Karsten asks Fox for information about a dehydration plant.

Karsten asks for instructions for a food dehydrator ordered by Addams.

Karsten tells Richardson that Addams will be working for Hoover's Food Administration Department over the winter.
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Addams explores how women's clubs can help conserve food and become more active in helping the starving people of the world.
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Addams' address to the American Women's Victory Dinner uses the end of the war to urge for greater international collaboration to ensure food supplies. The speech was given at the Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC.

Addams discusses the effects of the war on young girls and women, efforts to ban German-language newspapers, and food conservation efforts.

Addams speaks about food conservation to various groups across the country.

Addams sends Bestor a list of the places at which she spoke on the topic of food conservation.

Addams agrees to help Stall organize a Family Enrollment Campaign for the Food Administration.

Addams tells Hoover that she will give an address on food conservation.

Addams accepts Van Winkle's invitation to speak for the Food Administration at the Michigan State Federation of Woman's Clubs.

Addams agrees to speak for the Food Administration show in Chicago in January.

Addams telegrams Van Winkle about a conflict in her speaking schedule on food conservation.

Addams agrees to speak in Florida for the United States Food Administation.

Addams tells Van Winkle she can take the New Orleans speaking engagement on food conservation.

Addams explains her plans for the lecture on food conservation and encloses a copy of what she generally speaks about. She also plans to publish her lecture.

Addams agrees to Van Winkle's request to attend two meetings.

Addams tells Van Winkle that she will donate past expenses incurred in speaking for the Food Administration and will keep better records going forward.

Addams updates Van Winkle on her speaking plans for the United States Food Administration.

Jane Addams informs President Wilson that the international congress of women urges the the powers of the Peace Congress to follow the steps to ensure peace.
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