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Addams explores women's feelings about illegitimate children and wayward women by telling stories about different women's experiences.

Knodle asks Addams' advice on anyone suitable to work as a matron for the Indianapolis Day Nursery Association.

Brown writes Addams about the revival of the stage child bill and about plans for a new pamphlet opposing it.

Latham invited Addams to speak on illegitimate children at a conference organized by the Children's Bureau.

Abderhalden asks Wells for help funding a plan to feed starving German children.

Hobhouse tells Hamilton of her poor health and of the relief efforts in Europe.

Hobhouse writes Addams about relief for children in Leipzig, Germany, children.

Taussig tells Addams that she has delegated Edna Gellhorn to handle an issue about children.
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In this forward in The Child in the City: A Handbook of the Child Welfare Exhibit at the Coliseum, Addams explains the impact of the Child Welfare Exhibit in New York and praises the generosity of Harriet McCormick for bringing the exhibit to Chicago.

Neumann asks Addams to support the creation of a Convalescent Home for Vienna's Children in Austria.

Hulbert congratulates Post on the work of the Russian Pedagogium.

The paper reports on discussions of milk shortage and child welfare in Germany held at the Paris Peace Conference.

Vittum writes to Addams regarding a Children's Bureau and National Federation of Settlements study and the responsibilities of each settlement involved in this study.

West asks Addams to write an article about the plight of widows for the magazine, The Delineator.

Addams and other executive members of the Chicago Child Welfare Exhibit invite Fisher to join the General Committee in support of the event.

Addams writes Blaine about the financial costs of bringing the Child Welfare Exhibit from New York and expanding it for Chicago.

Addams sends Sihler an article on feeding starving children during the war.

Addams asks Coolidge to continue supporting the Hull-house Fresh Air Fund for children.

Addams seeks Senator Sutherland's support for the establishment of a Federal Children's Bureau, arguing that it would allow the gathering of information currently not possible.

Addams tells Barnett that Helen Boyle's speaking tour will depend on how well she is known in the United States.

Addams gives Lathrop a recommendation for Charles Powlison.

Addams discusses Ransom, who studied families of "feeble-minded" children in Chicago.