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Riis writes Addams about a celebration where neighbors and friends gathered and offers news about the Kings Daughters Settlement.

Addams recounts the roles and responsibilities of marriage and love at the ceremony for two Hull-House residents.

Addams thanks Haldeman for the handkerchief and notes that she was missed at the holiday celebrations.

A printed invitation to the wedding of Ethel Winthrop and John Addams Linn.
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Jane Addams wrote the lyrics to a song on the occasion of the opening of the Hull-House Woman's Club Building. A chorus sung the song at the festivities.

Jones invites Addams and Ida Tarbell to a Fourth of July celebration.

Clingman sends an announcement of her one hundredth birthday.

Addams introduces a set of speakers during a Hull-House event held in honor of Theodore Parker's 100th birthday and 50th anniversary of his death.

Clipping about the the Union League's invitation to Addams to speak at a celebration of George Washington's birthday.

Addams sends birthday wishes to her stepmother and hopes that she liked her gift.
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