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Addams apologizes to Salmon for the abrupt reply of a telephone operator.

Addams thanks McCormick for a gift and sends wishes to see her soon.

Marsh writes Addams to explain Macmillian Company's desire to publish Twenty Years at Hull Housein the fall and to expresses dismay that copies of The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets toChicago were delayed.

Lindsey sends Addams his regrets that he will be unable to attend the meeting in Chicago.

Lindsey sends Addams his regrets that he is unable to attend the meeting in Chicago.

Under the advice of her physician, Addams declines King's invitation to give the Washington Birthday address at Oberlin College.

Jones apologizes for asking Addams to write an article during her illness and wishes her rest and recovery.

Dalrymple apologizes to Hamlin for sending her parcel to the wrong address.

Addams writes King, agreeing to speak at the the Religious Education Association in Washington, D.C., but suggesting that they postpone her lecture until next year.

Addams apologizes to Dickey for forwarding the testimonial of Raymond Robins so late.

Addams writes Leppo to apologize for the delay in returning a corrected copy of one of her speeches.
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