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Karsten responds to Taylor and makes suggestions to his argument for a statewide debate in North Carolina.

Leek had previously asked for information about preparedness, so the Woman's Peace Party sent various literature on the subject.

Glasgow needed information on preparedness, so the Woman's Peace Party sent him several pieces of literature on the topic.

Dorman had previously requested materials on "preparedness" as a strategy and the Woman's Peace Party has sent him information on the issue.

Hyers sends Harrison the material she requested on military preparedness for a school debate.

Cook is concerned about Wilson's preparedness plan.

Taylor expresses thanks to Addams for her letter, and asks for any additional advice regarding an upcoming debate on a proposed increase in naval power.

Thomas writes for Addams, asking for copies of Crane's recent article and querying her on her views on preparedness.

Addams lists several points of concern against the war and the issue of "preparedness" to Fisher.

A report of a debate on peace and war preparedness held at the Hackensack Woman's Club.

Hyers writes for Addams and addresses concerns about Rettig's plan for a citizen's convention to fight the preparedness movement.

Keppel reports on the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace's decisions not to fund most of the peace requests received, noting that the preparedness frenzy has made them cautious.

Jordan invites Addams to Drake University to lecture about world peace and a topic of her choice.
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Addams states her opinion on military preparedness in the Chicago Tribune.
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Addams elaborates on how women can contribute to internationalism and peace after the war.