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Addams argues for post war relief and the establishment of the League of Nations and other international organizations to help guarantee the peace. The speech was given at the University Auditorium as part of the Farmer's Week celebration.

Addams opened the membership campaign for the National Child Labor Committee in Pittsburgh and spoke to the Western Pennsylvania League of Women Workers on the need

Post accepts the nomination as an alternate delegate of Andrews for the Committee of Five.

Gilman tells Addams about her views on peace and willingness to participate in the Congress After the War.

Post writes Spencer about the fallout from an controversial interview given by Robert LaFollette, Jr. which charged that George Creel was arranging peace speakers to appear for government programs.

Mead sends Addams a copy of a report to be edited. She also discusses her thoughts on the League of Nations.

De Beaufort argues against propositions to negotiate territorial concessions without the input of the people who live there.

Jordan tells Addams that the Ford peace work is failing and that a new more private effort might be needed.

Addams tells Smith about the illness of Harriet Herrick and her plans to leave Europe.

News article that announces expansion of the Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation and its move the The Hague.

Addams asks House to speak with Baron Franz with regard to the Austrian views of the peace process.

Addams discusses the impact of the armistice with Taussig and is willing to go to Washington to respond quickly to events.

Karstens relays Addams' sympathy on the death of Taussig's father and discusses steps to be taken for the peace movement.

Addams seeks financial contributions to support the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace's congress to be held after the war.

Willis updates Addams on British plans for the International Women's Congress and their request to President Wilson to include women in the Peace Conference.

Jane Addams informs President Wilson that the international congress of women urges the the powers of the Peace Congress to follow the steps to ensure peace.

Wilson thanks Addams for her supportive letter..

Dodd offers Addams his ideas on the peace efforts, economic repression, race, and increasing the birth rate.

Mead updates Karsten on her plans for summer and a Woman's Peace Party director's meeting.

Addams sends Jacobs the results of voting on the time and place of the International Congress of Women and discusses plans for women to be in Paris for the Peace Conference.

Addams sends Jacobs the results of voting on the time and place of the International Congress of Women and discusses plans for women to be in Paris for the Peace

Addams discusses plans for peace negotiations and the upcoming International Congress of Women.

Addams thanks Dodd for sending letters from Paris and tells him about her lectures on behalf of the League of Nations.

Karsten asks the Executive Board of the Woman's Peace Party for opinions regarding sending delegates to a postwar conference organized by the People's Council of America for Democracy and the Terms of Peace.

Addams gives Post her views on traveling to Europe to help on peace efforts.

Howe updates Addams on the conditions in Paris and explains the uncertainty of when peace negotiations to settle the war will begin.

Post suggests that Addams get her passport as soon as possible for the upcoming meeting and discusses delegates to the conference.

Addams sends Woolley the decision on the Peace Conference plan and asks for her opinion.

Addams informs Post that she will be voted on as a substitute for Andrews as a delegate to the Peace Conference.
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