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Addams' speech at the Free Synagogue at Carnegie Hall discusses the setbacks that World War I will have on society.

An excerpt from Addams' Children's Day speech at the Free Synagogue at Carnegie Hall.

Baird discusses the status of the various peace movements and the World War. He goes on to suggests the movements need to be globally unified and focus on the present rather than the future, and that the war is the results of oppressive economic systems.

Bryce writes Addams that just as he was about to try to clear her way to Holland, he found that she had made it through. He hopes she is able to return with no problems.

Myers tells Romeike that Addams wishes to ends her subscription for clippings on the mistreatment of women by soldiers.

Addams discusses the likelihood that the war will cease without the efforts of neutral nations.
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Addams discusses the devastating impact of World War I on women's traditional responsibilities and argues for their responsibility to stop it.
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Addams discusses the devastating impact of World War I on women's traditional responsibilities.

Hyers acknowledges Lee's letter about creating a fund for businesses damaged by war and says that Addams' suggestions would be similar to those Alice Post provided.

Karsten replies to Hounsell request for information about the introduction of military drill into high schools.

Macmillan reports on the difficulties of peace organizing due to the war.

Winslow opposes birth control on the grounds that American stock would be overwhelmed by immigrants and Jews.
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Addams explores women's responses to war, looking at its costs in terms of lives and social welfare, and questions of patriotism.

Beatson asks Addams for an article about conditions that might arise at the conclusion of World War I.

Karsten sends Jensen some materials from the International Congress of Women and asks her opinion on the issue of compulsory military training.
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