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Lee recounts the political and humanitarian situation in the Near East in the aftermath of World War I.

Wickersham tells Addams about the Committee's resolution on the "Gentleman's Agreement" and their hope to foster better relations between the United States and Japan.

Wickersham asks Addams to help fund a project to send out pamphlets on American relations with Japan and Sidney Gulick's book on the Far East.

Uchimura discusses his disappointment with the United States for its immigration policy regarding Japan.

Addams addresses a peace meeting and argues that in order for Europe to recover economically, the peace treaty must be revised; she also argues that the United States should and will join the League of Nations.
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Balch asks Heymann and Marshall for authorization to ask Addams to seek American support for mediation to prevent war in Turkey.

Balch asks Addams's opinion about asking President Warren G. Harding to offer mediation for the Turkish situation.

Mead updates Addams about her activities for peace and her husband's political views.

Balch proposes that the United States loan France funds funds on the provision that it give up its occupation of the Rhineland.

Balch asks Addams her opinion on a proposal to have the United States loan France funds in return for ending its occupation of the Rhineland. .

The Association's news bulletin discusses revolution in Mexico, war debts in Germany, the organization of a national student forum, and a treaty between Germany and Poland, resolutions for international peace from the convention of the National League of Women Voters, and limiting the manufacturing of opium.

Addams argues that the United States should offer economic and humanitarian aid to starving Europe.

Post sends Addams some corrections in her Survey article regarding the purchase of the Virgin Islands.

Dodd suggests some ideas to Addams about a chapter of the manuscript for Peace and Bread in Time of War.

Addams speaks about conditions in Europe, relief efforts and the role of the League of Nations.

Addams urges the public to share its opinions on the Washington Naval Conference and argues for American involvement in international affairs.

Meads tells Addams that she will come to Washington to help with the Washington Naval Conference.

Addams predicts that the United States will join the League of Nations eventually.

Apcar tells Addams about the persecution of Armenian and Assyrian Christians perpetrated by the British and French.

Addams speaks in Boston about the way to solve the problem of unmarried mothers and delinquent girls and urges the lifting of the Russian blockade.