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Karsten writes on behalf of Addams, informing members of the Woman's Peace Party of the efforts being made to stop militaristic sentiments.

Jordan hopes to travel to Europe, but since Henry Ford withdrew his support of the Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation there is not much for him to do there.

Love writes to Addams about Germany's warmongering and condemns its militarism.

Fiske asks Addams to create a petition for the women of America to oppose entry into World War I.

Karsten sends Fiske a post card to send to Congress to oppose entering World War I.

Kellogg urges Addams to participate in the National Conference on Foreign Relations, seeing it as an opportunity to get progressive voices before powerful men.
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Addams discusses the challenges pacifists face now that the United States has entered World War I, and discusses how nationalism and patriotism are used to support war. Addams gave a lecture version of this article on June 10 at the Evanston Congregational Church.

Addams discusses the upcoming National Conference on Foreign Relations.

Karsten sends Lloyd a copy of the National Conference on the Foreign Relations of the United States program.
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In this speech, Addams tells the alumnae of the University of Michigan at the Chicago College club, how they can help with the food shortage crisis by conserving food and understanding the production of food.

Mead explains speaking arrangements for the Woman's Peace Party Annual meeting. She also explains her hesitation with a statement concerning United States military involvement in the war.

Post writes Spencer about the fallout from an controversial interview given by Robert LaFollette Jr., which charged that George Creel was arranging peace speakers to appear for government programs.

Wald discuss news of the Russian Civil War with Addams.

Addams endorses Wilson's plan for a league of nations as a step towards permanent peace.

Lammasch tells Herron about the impact of Woodrow Wilson's stroke on conditions in Austria.

Balch tells Addams about the plight of Albania and asks her to publicize an appeal in America.

Winton tells Daniels that President Wilson should send a sympathetic representative to Mexico to support his foreign policies.

Tendeloo asks Addams for more American aid to combat worsening food shortages in Germany.

Keppel confirms his meeting with Wood and Addams, but doubts the government will get involved in the prisoner of war cause.

Balch sends Addams a letter the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom sent to the Secretary of State regarding assistance for Siberian prisoners of war.

Balch asks Colby for clarification of the American policy towards prisoners of war in Siberia.

Alvee tells Addams that the State Department cannot interview in John Reed's arrest save to assure he has a fair trial.

A review of the League of Free Nations Association's publication on Russian-American relations.

White praises Russian-American Relations as a means of encouraging open diplomacy.

The Globe praises Russian-American Relations as a way to foster understanding between the countries.