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Meads tells Addams that she will come to Washington to help with the Washington Naval Conference.

Apcar tells Addams about the persecution of Armenian and Assyrian Christians perpetrated by the British and French.

Post writes Spencer about the fallout from an controversial interview given by Robert LaFollette Jr., which charged that George Creel was arranging peace speakers to appear for government programs.

Brown testifies on behalf of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom's United States Section for a dramatic reduction in American military spending and and for universal disarmament.

Cripps thanks McDonald for Dulles's address and hopes that the United States can help promote peace in Europe.

Bryce shares with McDonald his ideas about the American role in peace in Europe.

Bryce gives McDonald his opinion of the Harding administration's cabinet members and the ambassadors to England.

French asks Addams to help call for American intervention in Germany's financial crisis.

Addams sends Barnett the Irish Commission report and talks about Britain's role in Ireland, and Barnett's housing scheme.

The Committee outlines its program to work for a positive political and social relationship between Japan and America.

Harding makes a vague promise to Addams that his administration will pursue foreign policies of which the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom with approve.

Balch congratulates Wilson on his efforts to build the League of Nations and tells him of her impressions at the Assembly.

Montgomery asks Addams to join the Armenia American Society to help the cause of Armenian independence.

Willett demands that Colby investigate alleged atrocities committed by black French troops in Germany.

Shaw tells Willett that the stories of Black French troops in Germany have been greatly exaggerated.

Mathes asks Addams to investigate the State Department's dismissal of the stories of French Black troop atrocities in Germany.

Balch asks Duggan for help establishing a commission to investigate the economic situation in Germany.

The article describes the purpose and membership of the American Commission on Conditions in Ireland.

Post explains the issues facing American efforts to bring relief for prisoners of war still held in the Soviet Union.

Alvee tells Addams that the State Department cannot interview in John Reed's arrest save to assure he has a fair trial.

Addams sends McDonald information about potential supporters for the League of Free Nations Association's petition to send aid to the Soviet Union.