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Lindsey writes Addams that Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive Party platform will stand for woman suffrage.

Baker writes Addams about his concerns of the leadership and direction of the Progressive Party, arguing that it may not be that different from the Democratic Party in terms of the character of the leadership.

Pinchot discusses his support for removing George Perkins from the Progressive Party and his argument for endorsing the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

Roosevelt discusses George Perkins' role in the Progressive Party and his views on trusts in the Progressive Party platform.

Gordon refuses Addams' request to help the Progressive Party, because she believes Theodore Roosevelt in not genuine in his support of woman suffrage.

Meyer writes Addams to share her disapproval of Theodore Roosevelt, whom she believes is an immoral man and the wrong candidate for the betterment of the country.

Kent suggests to Addams that Woodrow Wilson supporters could combine forces with the Progressive Party to work on America's great humanitarian issues.

Addams thanks Roosevelt for his clear statement on woman suffrage.

Roosevelt clarifies that the Progressive Party Platform is strongly in favor on woman suffrage.

Pidgin asks Addams if the new Progressive Party has a stance on Mormon polygamy.

James writes Addams about the Progressive campaign in Wisconsin and the political culture there.

Kellogg sends Addams materials regarding Progressive Party politics.

Jones reacts to an article that Addams sent him on the Progressive Party, focusing on her statements about African Americans and the peace movement.

The article offers a sharp critique of Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive Party for failing to endorse rights for African Americans.

Morrisson lays out the Progressive Party's platform and gives a list of suggestions for local Progressive Party groups to implement.

Hulet blesses Addams for her work on the Progressive Party Platform.

Woods congratulates Addams on her role at the Progressive Party Convention and offers his opinion on the situation of African-Americans and why he feels Theodore Roosevelt has a good solution for their problems.

McDowell compliments Addams' influence on the Progressive Party platform.

The writer criticizes Theodore Roosevelt's platform and admonishes Addams for supporting it.
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