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Addams discusses the history of social settlements in Illinois at a meeting of the Illinois State Historical Society, discussing the neighborhoods, settlement foundings, child labor, African Americans, and other similar charitable organizations.

Cunningham gives her account of several changes she wants to make regarding the Hull-House Coffee House.

Alexander, a recent high school graduate, writes Addams to ask her about the workings of a settlement house, which she is interested in learning about.

Addams tells Mead about plans for the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and a speaking engagement for the National Council of Women.

Addams writes Wald about staffing at Hull-House and a Miss Green.

Addams discusses Landsberg's taking a secretarial position, and Landsberg's desire to teach.

Addams writes Fouts about a position at Hull-House and the Joseph T. Bowen Country Club.

Addams writes James about a replacement for Belle La Follette on the board of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Stewart tells Addams that the Chicago Association of Commerce's Subscriptions Investigating Committee has endorsed Hull-House.

Addams addresses a meeting at the United Charities building in New York and discusses how Hull-House makes use of its theater.