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Robson sends Addams the first installment of a $5,000 loan to the Hull House Association.

Pond enclosed an interest check on bonds issued for Hull-House.

Pond tells McCann that the rent for the Jane Club will be increasing.

Pond tells the United Charities that the heating charges for the Mary Crane Nursery housed at Hull-House will be increased.

Pond writes the McCormick Memorial Fund to change the terms by which they rent space from the Hull House Association.

Pond writes to Bowen regarding a bequest from the Schwabacher family for a summer camp to be operated in conjunction with the University of Chicago Settlement.

Hummeland informs Addams that Hull House is a beneficiary of Charles F. Kimball's estate and asks for information.

Blaine reports her surprise that Bowen has said that she promised $25,000 to the endowment to Hull-House several years back.
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Addams writes about finding a location for her settlement and the early days of settling into the neighborhood and developing the ideas for their work. This is the third of six articles excerpted from Twenty Years at Hull-House.

Hutchinson offers Bowen leads for securing donations for Hull-House and discusses future visits.

Schwartz tells Karsten that he will handle the Charles Kimball bequest to Hull-House.

Schwartz informs Addams about the Charles Kimball estate bequest to Hull-House and condemns Orrin Carter's criticism of Addams.

Carman encloses a report (not attached) of an inspection of Hull-House's operations looking for ways to run it more economically.

An application for endorsement as a charitable organization from the Chicago Association of Commerce.

Alice and Sarah C, Robson agree to lend $2,500 to the Hull-House Association, which will be paid back at $100 per year unless both die before it is repaid.

Alice and Sarah C, Robson agree to lend $5,000 to the Hull-House Association, which will be paid back at $200 per year unless both die before it is repaid.

Karsten offers Westenberg education recommendations for training in settlement work but has no openings at Hull House due to financial conditions.

Taylor discusses finances and plans for summer camps for Hull-House boys and girls.

McCormick agrees to give a donation to Hull-House, but he declines to make in an annual contribution.

Bannard refuses to contribute to Hull-House because Addams supports prohibition.

Stewart responds to Addams' letter about Hull House finances and asks for some paperwork.

Stewart acknowledges receiving paperwork on Hull-House for the Chicago Association of Commerce.

Stewart asks Addams to fill out an attached form in regards to the Chicago Association of Commerce's endorsement of Hull-House.

An attorney requests an affidavit saying that Hull House is a charitable institution, in relation to the bequest of Martha S. Hill.

Pond proposes an increased rental rate for the Jane Club at Hull-House.

Pond details a new plan for electricity and water payments for the Mary Crane Nursery.
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Addams reports on Hull-House's facilities and social services on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary, providing a sense of the costs of maintaining buildings and programs, and ending with an appeal for financial support.

Addams reports on the amount of coal used at Hull-House in 1916 and the start of 1917.

Addams asks Blaine to help expand a Board of Education committee, and seeks Blaine's annual donation to Hull-House.
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