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Lee thanks Addams for her statement in the article Has "Has Emancipation Been Nullified," and praises Abraham Lincoln, and discusses slavery and the virtues of liberty.

The Urban League reports the organizations, government agencies, and newspapers that it works with and describes its activities, including employment and welfare work.

Adams writes Addams to suggest the Rev. A. J. Carey as the speaker for an upcoming protest meeting in Chicago.

Trice asks Addams to lend her support to the Lincoln-Trice Normal and Industrial Institute for Colored Men and Women.

Ware asks Addams for advice for a fundraising visit to Chicago to benefit Atlanta University.

Hawkins praises Addams' Twenty Years at Hull House and asks her to donate a copy to the black Social Settlement in Washington, D.C.

Addams sends Blaine literature on the work of the Chicago Urban League.

Addams asks Blaine to assist Oswald Villard with the organization of Chicago efforts related to the Association of the Advancement of Colored People.

Villard seeks Addams' help in requesting a donation from Anita McCormick Blaine.

On behalf of Jane Addams, Breckinridge thanks Rayner for his note and the clippings he sent.

Addams attends the Middle States and Mississippi Valley Negro Exposition and comments that in future the work of women will equal that of men.

Du Bois discusses arrangements for Addams' participation in the Conference for the Study of Negro Problems in Atlanta, Georgia.

Venerable asks Addams for her support in the development of a Tuskegee-like school in the Midwest.
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