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Addams thanks Kellogg for his comments on her City Club lecture and agrees to let him report on it in the Survey.
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Kellogg sends Addams a proof of his article about her City Club talk.
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Kellogg asks Addams to approve an introduction to her Christmas message to be printed in the Survey.

Addams tells Kellogg of efforts to publish her Christmas Message and asks if the Survey would print it.
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Balch drafts Grethlein & Co, regarding the posisbility of Addams doing a memoir.

Underwood drafts a telegram to Addams about publishing her Christmas peace message.

Kellogg telegrams Addams about publishing her Christmas peace message in the Survey.

Addams asks Kellogg to publish her Christmas peace message.

Addams asks Kellogg whether the Survey could publish her Christmas peace message in a timely manner.

Addams discusses the role of American women as economic factors in the post-World War I global economy.

Addams argues for the value of recreation in girls' lives.

Maddox asks Addams for permission to publish her address in the Alumna of Rockford College.

Addams notes regarding sending copies of the Woman Patriot and other matters.
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Kellogg sends Addams illustrations that they are using for her Survey article.

Addams sends Lasker an article by Helene Scheu-Riesz and suggest they might include in the Survey.

Kellogg points Addams to a part of her article that may need to be edited.

Kellogg apologizes to Addams about errors in her manuscript and agrees to accept her refunded payment for the article.

Dodd suggests some ideas to Addams about a chapter of the manuscript for Peace and Bread in Time of War.

Addams sends Kellogg some corrections for Chapter Three of Peace and Bread in Time of War.

Addams tells Kellogg that she has sent corrections on her chapter in Peace and Bread in Time of War directly to Harold Latham.

Post sends Addams some corrections in her Survey article regarding the purchase of the Virgin Islands.

Kellogg advises Addams to check with Harold Latham regarding page proofs of Peace and Bread in Time of War.
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Kellogg points Addams to an error in dating in Peace and Bread in Time of War.

Addams asks Kellogg to make edits to her chapters in Peace and Bread in Time of War.

Addams thanks Kellogg for the check and sends him another article for publication in the Survey.

Addams tells Kellogg that she sent the wrong chapter to him for publication, and her plans to publish in the Christian Century.

Addams tells Kellogg that she cannot postpone the publication of Peace and Bread in Time of War.

Kellogg tells Addams that he might only be able to publish one of her chapters in Survey-Graphic due to timing.

Shaw confirms with Addams plans for a short article in the Survey-Graphic on the Washington Conference.

Addams asks Kellogg to let her know which chapters he will publish in the The Survey so that she can send unused ones to other publications.
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