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Addams apologizes to Sedgwick for mentioning the Devil Baby story in The Long Road of Woman's Memory which might be published before the full article is published in The Atlantic Monthly.

Wilmarth thanks Addams for the dedication in The Long Road of Woman's Memory, and tells her about the recent Progressive Party convention

The Macmillan Company sends Addams an advance royalty check for The Long Road of Women's Memory.

Karsten tells Woolley that Addams will send her a copy of The Long Road of Women's Memory as soon as it is published.

Lindsay thanks Addams for sending her book, and hopes to meet her in Chicago soon.

Wilmarth thanks Addams for sending her The Long Road of Women's Memory.

Abbott sends praise about Addams' latest book and tells how popular it is.

Jordan praises Addams' argument against war in her latest book.

Rosenwald thanks Addams for a copy of her newest book and hopes Addams is in good enough health to visit.

Addams promises Blaine information on the Woman's Peace Party's recent meeting.
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