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Arguing that white slavery requires an organized movement to defeat it, Addams provides examples from cases in Chicago. This is the first in a five-part series, which would ultimately be published asA New Conscience and an Ancient Evilin 1912.

Addams promises to work on her upcoming book, but refuses to let Brett announce it until she knows if it is worth publishing.

Brett suggests to Addams that she consider working on her new book for a fall publication date.

Brooks thanks Addams for a "document," perhaps a recent article she had written.

Brooks praises Addams' article on prostitution and then asks for assistance in relocating to Chicago to run her health business.

Barrett thanks Addams for her articles about prostitution and explains the work of the Florence Crittenton Mission.

Corn offers Addams his argument for the sterilization of sex offenders as the only way to curb vice and prostitution.

Redington praises Addams' recent magazine articles, sends a donation, and tells her about his factory in which he employs women.

Abbott writes Addams to offer a gentle criticism of her negative use of the word "cadet" in her McClure's articles.

Addams thanks Breckinridge for sending The Three Plays by Brieux and mentions that she may send a copy of the manuscript of her new book,A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil, for suggestions.

Brett writes Addams that Macmillan Company will publish her new book,A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil.

Addams writes about missing Smith, her writing, and some prints that she purchased.

Thomas follows up on a previous meeting with Addams at which they discussed her research and writing about prostitution. Thomas contradicts Addams' assertion that prostitution is a product of more advanced societies.

Addams thanks Breckinridge for sending her a report on education, encloses a letter about the issues of rural education, and notes that she has lost faith in her writing writing project.

Addams thanks Brett for sending her an advancement of her royalties and mentions the potential plan for her new book.

After reading her article inMcClure's Magazine,Brown writes Addams about the good luck of his own children of avoiding the "rocks" and the "shoals" in life.

Writing in response to Addams' article on prostitution, Sheldon asks her why the temptations of vice do not doom all girls in similar situations.

Coman reassures Addams about her health, compliments her new article in McClure's Magazine, and discusses plans for the International Institute for Girls in Spain.

Addams thanks Fields for a letter praising her latest article in McClure's about prostitution, and she notes that it meant even more to her than a letter for Theodore Roosevelt.

Mitchell compliments Addams' article in McClure's Magazine and offers some of his own reflections on the subject of prostitution.

Coit invites Addams to publish her upcoming series of articles in McClure'sin book form with Moffat, Yard & Co.

Addams asks Landsberg's to edit her article for McClure's Magazine.

Marsh thanks Addams for sending the agreement to publish A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil with Macmillan.

Marsh sends an agreement for publishing A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil and promises to have the book printed in a New York union shop.

Brett writes Addams that he is happy Macmillan will publishA New Conscience and an Ancient Evilsoon promises her that the company will use a union shop for binding.

Addams promises McClure an article hoping for a November publication.

Marsh writes Addams about publishingA New Conscience and an Ancient Evil in serial format inMcClure's Magazine.

Addams negotiates with McClure over the publication of a series of articles from her A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil manuscript.

Marsh acknowledges receipt of the manuscript for her new book and cautions her against publishing it serially in a magazine.

Hamilton suggests illustrations for Addams' manuscript of A Newer Conscience and an Ancient Evil.
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