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James writes Addams to set dates for two speeches in Wisconsin and asks for a title for promotional purposes.

James sends along a request for Addams to speak at a few fairs.

James confirms that Addams is speaking in Wisconsin on woman suffrage and not on Progressive Party politics.

Martin discusses dates of speaking engagements with Addams.

Martin sends Addams the text of telegrams from Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman and Mary Rozet Smith that arrived after Addams departed. Martin also reports that Addams' speeches were successful.

Bestor asks Karsten to keep him apprised of Addams's speaking plans.

Bestor is glad to hear of the success of Addams's speaking tour.

Bestor tells Addams that he has written to groups in Colorado and California encouraging them to invite her to speak.

Arthur asks Robins, on behalf of Jane Addams, to clarify Addams' speaking engagements in Colorado.
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In this speech, Addams tells the alumnae of the University of Michigan at the Chicago College club, how they can help with the food shortage crisis by conserving food and understanding the production of food.

Eastman writes Addams about her speaking schedule in Wisconsin and asks for suggestions on a speaker for German-American audiences.

Jordan invites Addams to stay with him when she speaks at Stanford University.

Karsten tells Bestor that Addams's speaking schedule has been changed due to the death of her brother.

Karsten sends Bestor Addams's itinerary and contact information while in California.

Karsten thanks Gorham for the clipping she sent Addams and asks her to also send copies of Mead's list of recommended books.

Karsten discusses possible arrangments for Addams to speak in Cincinnatti.

Karsten provides Van Winkle the changes to Addams's speaking itinerary.

Karsten tells Van Winkle that Addams had to reschedule her lecture because of her brother's death.

Smith writes a letter as Addams's secretary to Lindsey confirming dates for the Truancy Conference in Chicago.

Balch writes Addams with news of new Maison International staffers for the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

Gapen asks Addams to juggle some dates during her visit to Wisconsin.

Gapen expresses her gratitude and enthusiasm for Addams' plans to speak about woman suffrage in Wisconsin and invites her to attend Wisconsin Suffrage Day.

Writing on behalf of Addams, Wells informs King that Addams will most likely be unable to visit Oberlin for a speaking engagement in the winter.
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Addams explores how women's clubs can help conserve food and become more active in helping the starving people of the world.

King invites Addams to speak at the Religious Education Association in Washington, DC.