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Addams informs James she is unable to schedule additional dates for speeches in Wisconsin and mentions that she meeting Olympia Brown, a mother of suffrage movement in Wisconsin.

Gapen expresses her gratitude and enthusiasm for Addams' plans to speak about woman suffrage in Wisconsin and invites her to attend Wisconsin Suffrage Day.

James writes Addams to set dates for two speeches in Wisconsin and asks for a title for promotional purposes.

Addams writes James about plans for her speaking engagements in Portage and Baraboo, Wisconsin.

James sends along a request for Addams to speak at a few fairs.

Addams informs James that she can take on no more than the two previously agreed upon speeches in Wisconsin.

Addams informs Robins that she is unable to speak in California.

On behalf of Addams, Smith asks Eastman to clarify Addams' speaking schedule in Wisconsin.

On behalf of Addams, Smith writes Robins about Addams' speaking schedule in the coming weeks.

On behalf of Addams, Robins informs Arthur that Addams will speak to the Michigan State Federation of Women's Clubs on October 16th.

Arthur asks Robins, on behalf of Jane Addams, to clarify Addams' speaking engagements in Colorado.

On behalf of Addams, Smith writes James about Addams's speaking engagements in Wisconsin and clarifies that she endorsed the Progressive Party as an individual and not on behalf of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

James confirms that Addams is speaking in Wisconsin on woman suffrage and not on Progressive Party politics.

Addams writes Beveridge about her Progressive Party speaking engagements in Indiana.

Cochems sends Addams an itinerary for her October and November speaking engagements.

Addams' speaking tour itinerary from October 20 to November 4, for the Progressive Party campaign.

Breckinridge writes Tweedie about Addams' Progressive Party speaking schedule in the hopes that Tweedie will come to Chicago for a visit after the election in November.

Addams writes Haldeman about her visit with Marcet Haldeman while campaigning in New York for the Progressive Party, and she asks her sister to join her in Topeka later in the month.

Announcement for Jane Addams' speech for the Progressive Party in Chicago.

Writing on behalf of Addams, Wells informs King that Addams will most likely be unable to visit Oberlin for a speaking engagement in the winter.

Tarbell asks Addams to consider writing an article about martyrdom, a topic the two had discussed during Tarbell's last visit to Hull-House.

Addams discusses travel plans for a lecture tour, and remarks upon the upcoming vote regarding Suffrage.

Addams thanks the Union for reimbursing her travel costs for a speaking engagement in Newark.

Addams informs Marshall that she is unable to plan speaking engagements.

Addams asks Hostetter to come to Chicago to visit with Alice Haldeman at Hull-House and attend speaking engagements.