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Amidon writes Bruce to praise Jane Addams and report that she is well loved.

An unknown correspondent writes Addams in solidarity against an effort to exclude child actors from the Illinois Child Labor Law.

Wilmarth praises Addams' autobiography and offers personal reflections on her own life.

Keeley writes Adams to refute charges printed in the Chicago Examinerthat he called her a "freak and monomaniac."

Culver tells Addams she will distribute the Charities and the Commons article so more people will read it.

Linn praises Addams' Charities and the Commons article and her work in Chicago.

Barrett compliments Addams on her handling of the Averbuch Incident in her Charities and the Commons article.

Pinkett praises Addams' defense of immigrants in her article in Charities and Commons andrelates the persecution of immigrants to that of African-Americans.

Page asks Addams if he can visit her in Chicago to persuade her to write an autobiography.

Page writes Addams to encourage her to write an autobiography or to allow someone to write a biography about her, as her life and work would be of interest to large audience.
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