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Jacobs lays out the organization planned for the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

McCormick sends Addams a letter regarding the composition of the committee for feeble-mindedness and invites her to attend the meeting.

Kirk sends Addams information about the International Peace Forum's activities in Cleveland and asks her to join its board.

Ayres urges Addams to reconsider her stance on the inclusion of the suffrage plank in the Woman's Peace Party platform.

Post relates details on the location, price, and food of the meeting in Washington, D.C. to Abbott. Post also suggests extending invitations to certain individuals.

Post mentions discussions of dissolving the Woman's Peace Party. Post explains her opposition to this idea. Post also briefly discusses her opinion of compulsory military training.

Spencer writes Addams about the Woman's Peace Party and the recent conference in Washington.

Pennybacker sent a telegram discussing wanting to consult with the executive committee of the Woman's Peace Party.

Kellogg invites Addams to a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Survey.

Kellogg invites the board of The Survey to attend a meeting to select a new treasurer.

Kellogg tells Addams that the Survey board meeting has been postponed to May 25.

Kellogg summarizes the annual meeting of Survey Associates, Inc.

Kellogg invites Addams to a board meeting for the Survey Associates, Inc.

Kellogg invites Addams to meetings of Survey Associates Inc. held in New York.

Kellogg informs Addams that Paul Kellogg will be in France until the end of the year working with the Red Cross.

Tokaji informs Addams that the National Roosevelt Woman's League has made her an honorary vice president.

La Follette asks Addams whether or not she knew that the After School Club was a business enterprise and not a charitable one.

Jong asks Addams whether she will join the International Committee of Research of the Central Organization for a Durable Peace.

Jong van Beek en Donk sends Addams materials on the Committee for the Central Organization for a Durable Peace, and thanks her for joining.

Fisher invites Addams to a luncheon meeting in New York to discuss efforts to lobby for Progressive legislation.

Catt explains the international issues that she has encountered in trying to organize an international peace meeting.

Prosser informs Addams that the National Society for Vocational Education has appointed her to a committee on women and girls.

Ball enclosed the minutes of the City Homes Association's recent meeting.

Minutes of a meeting that discussed discharging inactive committees and members, finding suitable offices for the association, setting dates of future meetings, relationships with the new Mayoral administration, provisions of the new tenement ordinance, relationship between the association and the Chicago Municipal Museum, and the appointment of a committee, including Addams, to examine public school sanitary conditions.

Merriman informs Addams of an upcoming meeting of the Survey board of directors.

Murtland provides Addams with the details of the past meeting of the National Society for Vocational Education.

A list of names produced by the Committee on Industrial Relations.

Eastman responds to Addams' letter of resignation from the American Union for A Democratic Peace.

Eastman describes new organizational changes to the American Union and requests a meeting with Addams before the upcoming Woman's Peace Party meeting in Philadelphia.

Eastman asks Addams to reconsider resigning from the board of the American Union Against Militarism.
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