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Addams informs Sinclair that she has not yet read the book that he sent her due to her work with the peace movement.

Addams thanks Sinclair for sending his book, likely Syvia's Wedding, and notes how busy she is organizing the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams discusses an article on human sacrifice under consideration for publication in the Survey.

Addams sends Haldeman a copy of a book because it discusses Hull-House.

Wallas sends Addams his book, likely Great Society (1914), which he calls a continuation of his Human Nature in Politics.

Addams has read the story Salvation Army Girl and believes it is valuable in furthering the work of the Salvation Army.

Addams informs Houghton Mifflin that she has received their letter and will send something soon but has been busy.

Houghton Mifflin Company sends Addams a copy of The Precipice by Mrs. E. W. Peattie and hope that Addams' words of approval will help the book sell more copies.
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Addams' autobiographical account of her education at Rockford College and her travels in Europe. This is the second of six articles excerpted from Twenty Years at Hull-House.

Coman writes Addams to explain the terms of her commitment to work with the Progressive Party.

Addams thanks Sherman, French & Co. for sending a copy of In Vivid Gardens, a collection of poems by Marguerite Wilkinson.

Ford tells Whitlock that Addams has found the book he sent.

Addams writes Whitlock to apologize for the delay in responding to his letter and to invite him and his wife to visit.

Addams thanks Steiner for sending her his new book, Against the Current: Simple Chapters from a Complex Life.

MacArthur asks Addams if she will write a review of Sex and Society.

Marsh sends Addams a copy of Race and Immigrants in America by John R. Commons. He also reports that the Macmillan Company is eager to publish Addams' third book after the success of Newer Ideals of Peace.

Brett sends Addams a copy of J. Allen Smith's The Spirit of American Government. 

Smith thanks Brett for sending Addams a copy of Spirit of American Government.

Thomas thanks Addams for taking an interest in his book and asks for an honest critique.

Addams praises Wallas for his book Human Nature and Politics.

Addams suggests some reading to Edwards and sends along two Hull-House pamphlets.

Addams thanks Baker for sending her a copy of his book, Following the Color Line: An Account of Negro Citizenship in the American Democracy.
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Addams discusses the life of Leo Tolstoy and the conditions he faced in Russia.

Addams writes Haldeman about a book by William Allen White, probably Stratagems and Spoils: Stories of Love and Politics (1901).

Addams updates Ely on her progress on Democracy and Social Ethics.
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