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Carter criticizes Addams after she gives a speech renewing calls for pacifism.

Hobhouse sends Addams wishes for improved health and tells of the political situation in Europe.

Addams discusses the impact of women's fashion, and jazz on morality.

Risher interviews Addams about her politics at the Rock Island train station.

Addams invites Brownell to visit Hull-House and remarks on the popularity of Brownell's photograph of her.

Addams thanks Eisendrath for the portrait she sent her by Bashka Paeff.

Addams's photograph was included in a gallery of Keepers of the Faith, along with a caption noting that the Justice Department had her under surveillance.

Addams, along with Aletta Jacobs and Alice Hamilton, walk in Berlin with the Brandenburg Gate in the background. Addams briefly shakes hands with filmmaker Wilbur H. Durborough and continues towards the camera. The silent film is a 12-second excerpt from Durborough's documentary On the Firing Line with the Germans, released in 1916.

Breckinridge writes Addams about meeting times in Philadelphia and Washington and mentions a report from the Bureau of Labor that she sent to Addams.

Addams discusses the need to understand the poor in order to solve the problems of poverty.
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A stenographer's transcript of a tribute by Addams given at the memorial for Frank Hutchins.
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