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Yohe reports to Biddle on successful treatments for prisoners with tuberculosis.

Mead tells Addams about her activities relating to the Washington Conference and WILPF meetings.

Addams sends Thomas donations for relief efforts and hopes that Congress will pass a bill to provide adequate funding.

Addams invites Schwimmer and Lloyd to lunch at Mary Smith's house and claims that there are no ill feelings towards her at Hull-House.

Addams tells Marshall that she will join the International Committee for Relief to Russia and promises her more news after the WILPF Mass Meeting.
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Addams tells Latham that she does not want any delay in the publication of Peace and Bread in Time of War.

Addams tells Latham to publish Peace and Bread in Time of War as soon as possible.

Addams tells Kellogg that she does not want to delay the publication of Peace and Bread in Time of War.

Addams asks Hudson to make several lectures in Chicago.
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