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Allen praises Addams' peace work and tells of the needless death of her son in World War One.

Barnett updates Addams on the release of her book and asks for Addams's help to publicize it in the United States.

Addams gives Wald Catherine Breshkovsky's schedule en route to New York.

Addams tells Wald that she was surprised to see her name dragged into the Congressional Record ans asks for suggestions on how she ought respond.

Wald urges Addams to respond to her inclusion in Archibald Stevenson's list of pro-German pacifists.

Breckinridge tells Molander that though Addams is sorry for her situation. she cannot help her get to America.

Addams responds to Archibald Stevenson's inclusion of her on a list of pacifist and maintains that she is loyal to her country.
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