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  • Date is exactly "1915-11-29"

Stone requests that Addams wire Ford asking him to allow her on the peace ship.

Stewart informs Addams that she will not be able to join the peace ship due to her illness.

Steiner expresses his regret that he cannot accompany Addams and Ford on the peace mission.

Spencer expresses her concerns and voices her suspicions to Addams in regards to the Henry Ford peace plan.

Schwimmer expresses her joy that European ambassadors in Washington, D.C. have enthusiastically offered their help in the Henry Ford peace plan.

Post expresses disappointment that Addams cannot attend a meeting in Washington, and informs Addams that she has received the resolutions and will be sending them along to everyone on the roll. She also relays the success of the Belasco meeting.

Hull informs Addams that although he supports her cause, he cannot take part in Henry Ford's peace plan. He asks if she would be willing to invite the current president of Swarthmore College in his place.

Herrick declines an offer to join the Peace Conference, but expresses her sympathy on behalf of her department.

Gallery asks Addams if she knows of a place where her article could be published, as she wants to reach a wider audience.

Ford informs Addams that despite rumors, the Oscar II is still set to sail on December 4th. He asks that she continue the process of getting her passport so that she may accompany them.

Balch apologizes to Addams for her absence and asks if she can be of help.

Hyers thanks French for wiring the President. She also asks French to write back if she knows whether or not the Maine Federation of Women's Clubs has ever supported the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams thanks Blaine for sending her a check for $1,000, and adds that she is enclosing a clipping from a newspaper which will explain a certain misunderstanding.

Addams advises Balch to send the money she has collected for Amsterdam to Jacobs.