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Smith reaches out to Haldeman after the death of Haldeman's mother and discusses family affairs and Hull-House.

Addams tells Haldeman about the family events at Cedarville.

Banschbach has taken issue with Addams going to The Hague, so Addams' secretary sends him a pamphlet about the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams' secretary responds to Carter's letter about Addams' involvement in the peace movement.

Addams' secretary explains the delay in response to Mayer's letter and offers to give Mayer literature that she had previously requested.

Jones tells Addams about Smith, who is accompanying his wife on the trip to The Hague.

Jordan expresses his support for Addams' trip to Holland and will hold a speaking spot for her as long as possible.

Sewall suggests a speaker to Addams and updates her on a conference that is being planned on the West coast.
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